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Why remove old TT before season 2 ends?

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It's such a d*** move to be honest. My friends and I enjoy the old TT and we want to get gold before season 2 ends. We like TT more than 5v5 map because it gets rid of the laning phase that we all find tedious in 5v5. Plus we love bruiser fights in 3v3 in early game, many people say that 3v3 is broken. It's not, we've been trying to get to gold and we always fight either 2 bruisers and 1 AP or 1 ad, 1 bruiser, and 1 AP. Those 2 combos proved to be effective in 3v3. My team have spent the last 2 weeks practicing new combos to get gold and now you guys just tossed all of that in the toilet by releasing this new map and removing the old one. Riot, please bring back the old TT before season 2 ends. It's really dumb how you guys are making us learn a new map to get ratings, and season 2 will end in 2 weeks. It's also frustrating for the people who are close to platinum and diamond.