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Bruiser and Tanks still dominate.

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Bruisers and tanks are still dominate. There's nothing you can do about them. You said you made it less so but now you've just given them shines that increase their damage. The map is worse than before in this aspect. There's just not enough damage to with 3 people to take down three champions like Mundo.

The shrines are ridiculous right now. The capture times are so low that you can't respond to the other team trying to capture your shrine. With bruiser and tanks still being unstoppable the shrines just make them even more so.

I didn't get to see all the item changes but it didn't seem to change the bruiser and tanks game at all. So the changes there seem almost useless.

I like the map overall. It needs some tweaks, definitely. The problem is 3v3 is just a broken format.