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My first date on shivering isles

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summoner somenot

Senior Member


so i was out and about, and i was feeling good.

i saw this total hottie, i felt confident, my muscles were showing through my shirt, my abs gleaming a barney the dinosaur purple, my eyes glowing, i was mundo, and i saw lux.

we started talking,

i said "haven't seen you on SR before, you come here often?"

we got into a discussion, and i decided to go for it, why not ask her out.

i said "i heard of this hot new map that opened up, called Shivering Isles, ill be there next game, wanna join me?"

she said "sure"

so next game we went. the match started, my hands started to sweat i really wanted to be her first....................to play on SI with...

well, one thing led to another, one disappointment after another...

in the end she said "i don't see this going anywhere"

I was so ashamed, how could I think I, mundo had a shot with a sexy lil thang like her.

so i DC'd and removed her.............

then I realized she meant the map.

This never would of happened on TT.