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New TT thoughts

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I really like the map. I like the layout. I like the new jungle. I love the new boss monster. I think the speed buff in the middle is ok, not sure what it really adds other than making ganks easier and helping bad gankers get a better chance at a gank.

I do not like the altars, and I have a few reasons why.

1) It puts the game into a forced level 1 fight, which can DRASTICALLY snowball the game. This also means that champs that are awesome after level 1, and not great at level 1, and bad picks.

2) Also you can not re-capture and lock down a point you own. This means 2 things.
a) if you are ahead you can not lock them both down again to keep your buff. you are forced out of lane away from your exp/gold just to defend the point when you should be able to recap it.
b) If you are behind, you automatically lose your platform. They have levels, and gold on you, you can not re-cap it while one teammate distracts them, and so they kill that guy and come in and cap your point.... There is literally nothing you can do about it.

I feel like these platforms are ruining twisted treeline. I don't see it as a mini dominion. You can not take a summoner spell to protect your platform, they dont fight invaders. They are bad to defend because the enemy team has free vision of you on them and you have ZERO vision of everything around. You can only enter from 2 sides... the list goes on. They are a VERY VERY bad design idea. and I will not play another TT game until they are gone. They have completely ruined it.

This makes me sad because I was just really starting to love TT, and I was SO excited about the new map. I thought that people being upset about the altars was overdone. It isn't.

Do us a favor, change those platforms into monsters. Make them not killable until level 4 (3 with smite and a lantern). This will make level 1 fights an option instead of mandatory. It will open up more champions to the map. It will also mean that when those spawn (tracking timers = more skill) either team can ninja them.

My only other suggestion is that the new boss in the top lane is a problem. I think there should be a way to sneak up there, and there isn't. I played a game we were behind and got up there got him down to 15% hp and the entire enemy team showed up. We all died and lost the boss. There is no other objective on the map, there is no guessing, no strategy nothing. You don't see the enemy team, they are up there... that is it.

Well I am sure this will be lost to the billions of forum posts... but I wanted to get it off my chest, and give yet another voice for the developers to hear.

Goodbye twisted treeline, I will miss you.