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Solutions to the TT issues raised by Riot

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I understand the graphics side not being up to par since it is a BETA test, however, that is not what I care about. You have COMPLETELY changed the game, for the worse in my opinion, with the changes. Here are my suggestions to fix some of the problems you felt were present.

1) The Jungle
Yes having the jungle ENTIRELY up top pose some issues. Rather than such a drastic change, remove 2 and make whatever changes to the map necessary to match that (as minor as possible). OR simply make the jungle creeps less appealing by making them worth less both in gold and in buffs. Also, the new spider is freaking way to OP and does not fit at all looks-wise. Use the old one, just make it beefier. The ease of killing was the only complaint you mentioned about it.

2)Speed Buff
What the heck?? Why is that even there? Make them EARN it! Get rid of the speed for all!

This is not the Crystal Scar/ Dominion. If we wanted altars and things close to that we would play that game mode instead. 'Nuff said on that topic.

4)Wall Thickness
Just beef the walls, don't redo the whole thing. Shorten them for chasing but still keep the general shape. Sometimes those walls helped the lesser champs!

Madreds ws a huge part in helping take down the tankier champs, why was i blocked?? Plus I hate having to learn all new items. If need-be, nerf the items in 3v3 but don't change the entirely.

You are messing with my favorite game mode in ways I EXTREMELY do not like. 3v3 is basically all I play for its unique style. Add the other as a new game type as suggested by others, but don't get rid of TT as we know and love it. I miss it already.