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Simply Critique

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Now, there is a new Treeline map out. Replaced the old Treeline, and many are upset about this.
I am not.
Many are rioting(Ironic?) and will not play the map, or spend any money at all to make Riot see their rage and give them what they want.
Whatever you want to do, I suppose.

Anyway, I see some beautiful work done with this map, but there are some things pestering me about it based on what I've gotten the chance to play, or to see others play.

1. Altars.

Not altars in general, but how the altars work. Normally, I'll see altars go a 1-1 ratio at the start of the game. This means both teams start off fair, and that both teams receive rewards for a certain period. The problem is, mid game. It's pretty much the late game with these altars. Once a team wins a fight, or simply pushes the enemy back to the point of no return, they can EASILY collect BOTH altars. This is an incredible boost, and shouldn't be given up so simply. I have noticed, that the altars take about 4-5 seconds to take control of and give 90 SECONDS of incredible boosts to power. Even after the 90 seconds, they can easily be taken control of again by the team that has been winning the game so far. This is crazy for such an amazing buff. It's like a free dragon every 90 seconds, except even BETTER. Now, this still is like the old Treeline, as the winning team would continuously collect the Dragon buff when they have the advantage, but this is crucial damaging to the game play. These altars do NOT take long at all take, and a sneaky champion like Evelynn or Teemo could easily take it when the other team is focused on other things, leading their team to an immense power spike and being able to escape unscathed. Normally on Treeline, teams know that once they have dragon to play more aggressive, and to gain a high advantage over their opponents for the small period they have the buff. Same goes for the Ghoul, and the Wolves, even the Lizard. The altars however? 90 seconds of pure power, and the stunt of collecting BOTH altars can easily be done again.
Still, the altars are really helping at leading a team to victory, but they need to be tweaked to where they are not SUCH an important objective that is extremely simple to take. Also, it is DEFINITELY not making Treeline into Dominion. Play Dominion more, and you'll learn the true differences between two small altars and BIG demand for command and conquer map.

2. Jungle

Jungling was a high priority part of the team compositions for high ELO Treeline games. This had to demand a player to be persistent in applying pressure on the enemy team, along with taking care of their allies by "WARDING" or "GANKING." This was a great role for Treeline teams, and allowed certain teams to snowball and overcome the enemy hard, only at the cost of one Summoner spell and one less character in lane.
Well, I have noticed now that junglers are not even necessary. There IS no need for smite, as there are no high demand neutral creeps that are highly wanted by both teams except for Vilemaw. So what will a jungler do? Oh yeah, farm up on some simple ghouls and golems and wolves and gank and take altars. Wow, so cool of a position? Well, what will a jungler do when your team is losing? Lose. Can't make a comeback when you can't farm to a full extent, and this is because there isn't enough options.
Now I am talking about top jungle. NOT SAYING it's necessary, but it was really helpful. There is not enough options and ability for a jungler to overpower an enemy and out strengthen the enemy to where they can support their team to victory without simply playing like a laner.
You pretty much removed the jungler role, sorry to tell you.

3. Buffs
WHERE ARE THE BUFFS? Nah, just kidding. There are enough buffs, but there could be more. Not going to lie, but having a basic monster with a buff in the middle would be GREAT. (Not Dragon, Not Lizard, but a new one. Maybe a mini-spider? Like Vile's child or something.) This would really open up options to game play, and would reopen the jungler's role to higher succeed in the jungle. This would also cause more fights in the middle(It's what you wanted right?) and allow people to take some sort of extra option to lead over the enemy other than simply altars(Gotta catch em all...).
Oh, and about Vilemaw? It's WAY too obvious of a creature to take down. Every player will know exactly when Vilemaw is being done. Also, know what? The buff from even taking down Vile ISN'T that good enough for it to be taken every game. It's pretty much optional, because now controlling altars does a good enough job at snowballing a team.
Needs more room on Vilemaw, so it can be done without the enemy plainly knowing what you're doing. Also, there needs to be more viability in the buffs so altars aren't doing all the work. Let the jungler lead the team to victory, not capture points.

4. Speed Shrine
Yeah, I know. Shouldn't this be included with buffs? Well, this actually is a thing on it's own. It's a very unnecessary thing for Treeline. Main thing it allows is, escapes. Not chases, escapes. Not only escapes, but escaping for the WINNING team, that has gotten both altars and is dominating the game. All they have to do is kite, and slow. And your chase is done. If you really wanted to help people to chase with it, you have done wrong. The speed is given to the runner, and the chaser, so it really doesn't help much for a team on a comeback. Fix it's location to a viable area, or simply remove it.
All I can say.

5. Items (Wards included)
The items are way too powerful for "Treeline only." Not only do the characters snowball only with one of them(Not Bloodmail, it's kind of garbage), but they give such a high combination of stats that other items simply cannot give. You're basically REQUESTING that characters always get these items EVERY match because of the high output in stats they give. That is not cool. I'd like to have a choice in my itemization, but when I am getting dominated by enemies with Pillager as a bruiser....it's just forcing me to build one too, to counteract that. I would rather keep my old item builds, as they were very aiding to me, so I suppose the items being of high demand is tough for me, but I would handle the changes..HOWEVER, they are still too powerful for the map. Tweak the items so they are not so strong for certain characters, so we can have a little more balance, please?
I know alot of people have been wondering, and demanding wards. Not going to lie, Teemo will DOMINATE this map thanks to this. He's the king of bushes, along with Rengar.
Now, I'm not requesting wards, they were never really necessary for me. HOWEVER, there are certain things you could do to counteract this. Simply adding some lantern thing(Wriggles replacement) that gives a small view for a short period of time is not good enough. There should be more options available for people to have vision of things(Not Vilemaw, it's way too easy to tell if they're there.) because being blind when facing such sneaky characters and burst casters is not a good thing. Going to get melted immediately after walking into a bush, simply trying to secure your OWN altar.(Yeah...altars again)

So, that's pretty much all I hope is changed for the better. Hope it helps on some decision making.
Thanks for reading.
If you didn't read, and simply skimmed over the text, here's a gift.

TL;DR: Problems with Altars, Jungle, Buffs, Speed Shrine, and Items (Wards)

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Bumped right quick.