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How bad is the lag?

No lag 0 0%
Mild Lag 0 0%
Lag 1 12.5%
Extensive Lag 4 50%
Not playable 3 37.5%
Voters 8 .

Massive Lag

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Lethal Mortal

Junior Member


Regardless of what I do (yes I have put all the graphics at the least possible quality and removed shadows) the new Twisted Treeline map is constantly lagging. Especially in fights, I can't control my character at all. Out of combat, it is alright although csing is still difficult, but once it's more than a 1v1, it's absolutely unbearable. My ping is fine though (90). Also, when I play the regular 5v5 map, there is no lag. I just want to raise this problem to Riot because I am sure that I'm not the only one experiencing this, which in turn prevents players like myself from enjoying the new map, which does sound quite interesting.

I don't think I'm the only one with this problem, but just in case I posted a poll to make sure that it isn't simply my computer doing insane things.

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Senior Member


same issue. old TT ran fine on my pc, but now I can only move freely on the summoning platform. hopefully, there will be a fix soon.