My Positive Feedback on new TT

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I figured I'd share with Riot what I personally like and dislike in the new Twisted Treeline, after all, they can't fix it if they don't know its broken (or we don't like it). Disclaimer: This is the opinions of one person me. and I haven't played that many games, this is my initial impressions. You don't have to agree with them, I'm just using this forum to give Riot my feedback. so please keep negativity to your self. If you don't agree with something, then post why. Constructive criticism and conversations are the only way we are going to be able to mold this map into the experience us Summoners want.

1. No Wards: I like this concept. It may change the play style of the map but that's a good thing to me. There is 1 Con attached to this (see below).

2. New Items:
I'm not sure how balance they are and they may need work, but having something new to experiment around with is always a good thing IMO.

3. New Layout: I like the way the new TT is laid out, and I think it addresses a couple major issues the old TT had, namely flash and flash champions. I like the constant fear of going too far into the lane by yourself too because you never know when that gank is gonna happen. It makes one think ahead and always have that escape plan for those 'what if' moments, and I enjoy that.

4. Shorter Games: Yay! That's the reason I don't play SR that much because I like to get in, play a game and be out within half and hour usually. Yes, I like Dominion. =P

1. Altars: The altars are fine but they need rebalanced. My suggestion is place two more altars on each side of the boss of the top jungle and split the buff up like follows.
1 Altar, +2 gold per kill
2 Altars, +4 gold per kill
3 Altars, +4 gold per kill and +5% attack damage and ability power.
4 Altars, +4 gold per kill and +10% attack damage and ability power.
Having altars to fight over at the top of the map would also give top laners something extra do do.

2. Snowballing: I think the current state of the altars are to blame for huge snowballing in this map. I have only had 1 TT game that was a close game, all the other ones were no contest for one side or the other.

3. Teemo.
:This is the only bad thing about having no wards. Picking this champion says 'hey nobody can use wards but me, and mine also blow up in your face when you step on them, mwahahah'. I know Maokai, Caitlyn and Nidalee also have 'wards' but their vision is nowhere near as high as Teemo shrooms and I don't consider them that much of a threat to balance on this map. Not sure if anything can be done about this, but just putting it out there.

4. No Buff Monsters: This takes a little out of what I like from the League. Having buff monsters gives junglers that much more incentive to jungle and gives something else worth to fight over besides altars. Only problem is there may not be room for jungle monsters on the new layout, but nonetheless I don't like their absence.

5. Vilemaw: I love his concept but he just doesn't seem to be worth doing in his current state. I have yet to play a game where killing Vilemaw has been a priority like Dragon was in old TT. He kinda just sits up there overseeing the game like an ominous referee.

Neutral Thoughts
1. Speed Shrine: TBH I could care less if this was there or not, I think I would rather have a buff monster or something there instead like the old TT, but this isn't a terrible addition, just not a needed one IMO.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head for now. I'll update this if I think of anymore, and please, please feel free to discuss. That way if I'm wrong, I can learn something, if I'm right, maybe Riot can put it on their list of things to tweak.

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No Wards: I really like the idea behind not having wards... unless you are teemo. no vision on the map unless someone is taking an altar is really cool and a new change to the game that I like.
a BIG problem with old TT was that 2 wards would completely dominate the map (red buff and dragon), maybe a 3rd at middle on enemy neutral camp and you would have vision of nearly the entire map...
New Items: Some of the new items are terribly broken on certain champions... I don't think the dominion items should be on this map... really dumb that the hextech sweeper (especially on vladimir) completely dominates akali. Vision granted on spell cast needs to be removed to add some sort of balance.
The sanguine blade is ridiculously over powered as well. It bothers me that not so long ago almost all of the life steal stats were nerfed across the board, but this item in particular is ridiculously strong on any AD champion. it made some sense on dominion with the reduced healing effects, but without such a debuff on TT, this item is WAY WAY too over powered atm. The items need a lot of work to be done to be considered balanced on this map.
I like the blade of the rune king, the flail item, the torch, and the new deathcap... but the new HP item (instead of warmogs) is pretty lack luster.
New Layout: Not a fan of the new layout, specifically how gank heavy the bot lane is... I honestly feel like it was simply a copy / paste of the old TT (the red buff area) in that hitting bot lane was nearly a .5 second deal and hitting top lane was around 1-2 seconds. basically forcing people into playing specifically safe champions / hard escape champions in the bottom lane. (vlad / corki / trist / kahzix for example)
I do on the other hand REALLY LOVE the new summoning platform. No more dragging minions into the fountain making hardcore turtling an issue on this map. However I feel that the ability to use skills needs to be removed while on the platform. really frustrating getting grabbed by a blitzcrank onto the summoning platform when trying to down the nexus turret.
Altars: I like the idea behind them, but I feel the 80g instantly given to team mates makes the game a bit TOO FAST...
I do like the idea of having more than 2 shrines to stop the hardcore snowball obtained by simply gathering 2 of them right at the start.
Snowballing: The rate at which snowballing occurs on this map is far far too fast. the best example would be how quickly a singed can pick up a catalyst and get to that nearly impossible to kill state at an obscenely early part of the game *finish RoA within the first 9 minutes of the game on average.
Teemo pretty much hit the nail on the head. his shrooms are too strong of a utility on this map.
Vilemaw This boss is so DIFFICULT to take down and seems like it's never a good idea to grab it until practically the very end of the game. It's almost as if the boss doesn't exist / isn't a contested objective until around last 5 minutes of the game. Definitely needs some work
Speed Shrine: I think the speed shrine needs to be removed personally... or at the very least make the openings to top lane as ridiculous as it is to hit bottom lane... you can gank bottom lane while still having the speed buff where as hitting top lane, the speed buff will wear off before actually getting to the lane (for normal champions)