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New Map = Highly Disappointed

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I'll restrain my frustration and anger towards this map and be more constructive.

I'll list a few of my annoyances of the map here:

  • The alters in the center are a distraction and do not feel very much with the flow of game-play. My first attempt at playing and I could've sworn I must have by mistake chosen a dominion map and not a 3v3 map. There was a constant battle for the alters and very little to no lane pushing or team fights. It turned into "WHO CAN HORDE THE ALTERS FIRST".
  • The alter does NOT re-lock for the team that captured it previously. In my opinion this is a bad idea. If your team got the altar and has the ability and time to be able to sit on it to re-capture it, then it should be re-locked. Otherwise its basically free game for the opponents while the other alter is locked. Essentially you're screwed out of that alter no matter how much you try to hold it. So, might as well camp it to keep it and ignore the rest of the purpose of the map.
  • Please give us back the old Twisted Treeline as an alternative to this while you finish getting all the bugs out. I would still like to enjoy the classic while the new one is polished. Forcing us to just deal with something new is not a sure way to have people enjoy it.

Overall, I would like this map to be looked at further and be a 3v3 and not another dominion re-hash.