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New TT, are you serious? Critical review.

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First, I need to say that I was really looking forward to this remake. It looks great, with some interesting creeps, etc. I love Riot and continue to support they and their product.

With that said, I'm very disappointed.

The new map has completely annihilated the original gameplay style. It's now a mini Domain, which I don't enjoy playing all that much. That said, this beta has some serious flaws.

1) FPS.

It's all over the place. If I'm lucky, it gets up to 22. Usually I'm floating around 14 or so. It's not doing this for normal 5's, so I'm pretty sure it's not my computer.

2) Power dynamic and balance.

If you're AP against any AD, you're going to win. I usually do 3's with Volibear because he's a pretty good solo champ against most characters. Now if there's even the slightest amount of magic damage, he just plain gets destroyed. The last game I played, a Singed killed me in seconds with his smoke. Why? I'm fully runed for a well rounded Voli which includes a fair amount of magic resistance.

Even building up almost exclusively MR except for some chainmail for items in the game (Kennen and Jayce were the other two opponents) I STILL died in seconds, even in a 3 on 1 against Singed where I wasn't being focused.

It's nearly impossible to catch up in this game once you've fallen behind by 2 or 3 deaths as a team, under the above circumstances.

3) Alters and new boss creep.

Why? If you're shut down early, there's little chance that capturing these (if you have the chance) is going to help you out at all.

The new buff creep is pretty good when you get it. It seems have a greater impact than Baron in 5's, which means either you get it, or you lose. Once the other team has it, you're pretty much locked out of getting its buff at all.


Game length. This is related to the last part of 2.

The promotion of this changed map was that there would be faster games. This is only true if you're destroyed early, which is apparently easy to do under certain circumstances, or if you surrender. I've played several games on the new map and the only "short" ones were surrendered. The more "balanced" games lasted nearly 40 minutes, sometimes over.

I don't know- maybe it's just the circumstances of the teams I'm playing with and against are such that are influencing this experience.

5) Overall experience.

Essentially, this is a combination of ABAM and Dominion.

This is definitely not the old 3v3, which has potential to be refreshing- when it's not frustrating. If you plan on playing this, either go AP champ or fully rebuild your champs to reflect new playing circumstances in the 3's.

If I had to rate the map, I'd give it a 6/10. It has potential, but the way in which it has lived up to the hype is one in which a certain side is greatly favored nearly from the start of the match. There's probably realistically not a lot to do to rectify certain power dynamics without nerfing and buffing all of the champs totallum.

If this didn't happen, I'm more than willing to just use ap champs finally, but for the love of god, at least fix the frame rate issue.

As a side note- I'm sure there are going to be those who read this and argue that I ought to be grateful for a free game at all, my criticism is invalid, etc.

To that, I've paid Riot quite well over the past couple of years from my own pocket; my opinion is fully validated in me seeing a return for my money. A free game is not the same as a not-for-profit game, so on and so forth.

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How do AP champs do more damage soley based off the new map?