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Twisted Treeline / Dominion comparisons - Haters, explain it to me

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I do not understand the comparisons between Dominion (henceforth, referred to as Dom) and the new Twisted Treeline (henceforth, nTT). I seriously do not. The similarities start and end at 'there are capturable points'. Now, to contrast:

  • The nTT points are captured by standing on them for a certain amount of time, not standing there channeling like in Dom.
  • The nTT points are secondary objectives, not primary objectives like in Dom.
  • The nTT points are situated in the jungle, away from the primary goal of the map.
  • The nTT points cannot be constantly flipped between controllers as the Dom points can, due to the 90 second delay before being recapturable.
  • The Dom points provide constant vision, while the nTT altars provide vision only for 90 seconds after being captured.
  • The Dom points only provide temporary buffs at certain moments during the match, while the nTT altars provide buffs constantly so long as you control them.
  • Ignoring points is often an option in nTT; ignoring points in Dom will lose you the game.

The primary objective of nTT is still to take down your enemy turrets in order to destroy the enemies' nexus. The argument that the nTT is fast-paced is not an argument that they made it into Dominion - it's what they always said Twisted Treeline was supposed to be. I do not see why they should apologise for trying to change it to what they said they wanted it to be - a shorter, faster-paced match similar to (but not the same as) Summoner's Rift.

I feel they have hit the nail on the head - there is still laning; there is still a jungle that can be taken advantage of, either exclusively by a jungler or by the team between waves; you still have to push to take turrets; there is still a boss monster to fight over. They changed how the secondary objectives behave - instead of small mini-boss jungle camps to fight over, you have capturable altars that provide a more constant bonus.

As someone who hates Dominion, liked the old Twisted Treeline, and absolutely loves Summoner's Rift, I have to say - now that I've played on it, I think the new Twisted Treeline is an improvement, but I will withhold saying so for sure until we get more playtime on it.

Please, will some of the haters give me a rational explanation for the nTT/Dom comparisons?