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My thoughts on the new TT

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Choppin it

Junior Member


I honestly do not like the layout of this whole new Twisted Treeline I feel like the lanes and jungle were put together in a day just to get it over with. Compared to the old jungle atleast there were more objectives. Secure the red buff and main top 2 banshee/wolf camps along with the dragon. Now when i logged onto play some TT i see that there is zero strategy in the gamemode whatsoever and am very dissapointed...In all honesty i would really like to play some old TT or riot should at least find a new programmer to design a whole new map base. If it was me id make a King of The Hill type gameplay so your always able to gain xp by pushin the lane or fighting in the brush of the hill. In all the years that ive played TT this was the saddest day and the new adjustments are just not enjoyable