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Upset and dissapointed

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When I heard that Twisted treeline (my most commonly played game mode) was getting an update I was excited to say the least. I expected a few graphical reworks minor repositioning but relatively the same concept. What you gave us Riot is an entirely different game mode that feels foreign. The mid jungle skirmishes define this new game-play mode and losing one snowballs out of control very fast. I feel like to many mechanics for the map alone are being pushed into one place. Some of the new items I feel can be a bit to strong on some champs. I've seen multiple olafs with the van damm pillager quickly become too outrageous to deal with. All in all I'm disappointed with the outcome of this rework and I would rather play classic TT any day of the week. It feels like you have thrown out my favorite game-mode and replaced it with something else. I will not be playing very many 3 as of now. I hope you restore TT to its former glory and perhaps consider making this a different map in itself.