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Honestly the old map was better.

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If I felt like playing Dominion I would play Dominion. The boss buff is too centric on bruisers, the altars provide a decent bonus if you acquire both sure.

The map was simplified too much. The old map felt challenging and required a lot of coordination from your team mates. This new map is Summoner's Rift and Dominion put together; altar placement feel like Dominion, while the monster camps with one strong mob and another weak on(golems).

Golem/Wraith camps aren't as menacing early game and the lack of objectives like Red/Dragon/Monster buffs that spawn every X minute were better than the constant "You can play king of the hill every 90 seconds gaizu". So what my enemy doesn't get punished for not coordinating to get any of the buffs for a certain number of minutes and instead they need to wait a measly 90 seconds to challenge the altars?

There is way too much simplification here IMO, there wasn't even a huge complex issue with the old TT, maybe change the width of walls and move around the lay out of the lanes just a tad bit and that would've been it.