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Twisted Treeline feedback

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I myself am actually very happy with the new updates to the map and even some of the items. I have played a few games and here is some feedback that I have.

The absolutely LOVE the way it looks. It is very pretty and was the first thing that popped out to me. The layout is pretty nice as well, it still has that old TT feel to me while staying symmetrical on both top and bottom. I do like how the jungle was changed so that you can now actually have a decent jungle player. Removing the dragon and replacing it with a boss fight was a good idea as well. I really enjoy fighting the spider, it's a pretty epic fight. Kudos to the guys who designed the Vilemaw fight Thats the good things.

Now for my complaints. I feel that the map is a bit TO open. I like that is is now more open in the middle, but maybe its a bit TO open. Some of the line of sights are kind of wonky due to the brush locations as well. Albeit it is a nice turn of pace and is a pretty good idea, I have a high dislike for the alter system. Every single one of my games has turned into who has the alters and who can keep them, and thats just not fun when you are stuck with a team who refuses to help you capture a point. It feels like dominion is invading my treeline! Another thing that I do not really have a strong like for is the speed booster platform in the middle, it again, reminds me to much of dominion. If I wanted to play dominion, I would play dominion. My main complaint, is that the games (in my opinion) have turned into one sided fights. Whoever gets ahead can very easily stay ahead with no real problem at all unless a major screw up happens.

My only other complaint as of now is with one of the items. The Van damms bruatlizer(I believe its called?) item is a really good item for AD champions, except one thing that is completely useless for an ad champion, it has 10% spell vamp. Why? No ap champion has a use for that item at all. It has armor pen, cooldown reduction, health, and attack damage. That is GREAT for any AD champ, but the 10% spell vamp on the item makes me steer away from it, FAR away from it. I believe if it was switched into life steal, it would be a much better item and be much more useful as an item as opposed to having spell vamp.

I hope this feedback is helpful to the decisions that riot makes in the future regarding the map. Keep up the great work guys

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They need to put wards back in. Teemo is just way too OP in this format. If you want to agrue that he is fine in this format you haven't played more then one or two games.

Also how is ok for him to place mushrooms on the speed buff that slow you more then the speed buff you get in the mid map?