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Ward Suggestions

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I understand that with the jungle being condensed into the middle of the map, there is concern that allowing wards would end up eliminating most ganks. However, removing wards entirely ends up getting rid of an important strategic element of the game and increasing tower hugging, while giving champions with ward type abilities (Teemo, Maokai, Shaco, etc) an indirect buff. Two alternatives come to mind:

1. Reduce the sight range of wards dramatically. This would bring wards closer in function to the previously mentioned abilities that give vision, and provide some ward play without eliminating the fog of war from huge sections of the map. I don't know exactly the percentage reduction that would work the best, but something like 50% of standard seems reasonable.

2. Remove sight wards but not vision wards. Having only pinks available on TT would make the decision to place a ward much more costly while also meaning that the wards you place are more vulnerable. It might not be a bad idea to introduce a slight increase in price as well, from 125 to 150, say.

Thoughts? If you have other ideas for how wards could be changed to fit the new map without being removed altogether, I'd love to hear them.