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New TT First impressions

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I am a pretty experienced 3s player so i thought i would tell how I feel about this Map.

1. SnowBalling is a huge deal you get an early lead its hard to comeback

2. Spider changes the game. A losing team can win because of a good Spider steal kill.( Side note it takes atleast 2 people to kill it if not 3 its just like baron closest person get aggro but he does have an aoe pull so beware)

3. Items are so refreshing it seemed like all my champs had the exact same build. Learning new active is one of my favorite parts.

4. Shrines are where most of the fighting takes place watch them through out the whole game they only lock for the initial 90 seconds after that the other team has to take it for you to lock it again, but you keep the buff till they take it. If you have both shrines you get a 10% ad and ap buff which is huge!

5. You can still jump some walls but not as many as before.

6. Hextech Sweeper is a must for ap and the new wriggles for ad because it counters all invisible champs and gives good vision when you need it.


those are the first things I have noticed if you have any questions feel free to ask!