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The New Map makes me like TT more than SR.

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Ashen Paige

Senior Member


seriously, despite the lag and disconnects some people are experiencing, and the lack of Wriggle's lantern (i dont care about wards being gone but losing what was a strong jungle and life steal item still stings much.), the map is fun and actually feels like the "faster, meaner" version of SR it was supposed to be. now does this mean its perfect, absolutely not.

it kinda sucks that right now, gankers and strong sustain damage are very favored in this gametype than what im used to but thats just what it is RIGHT NOW, who knows what changes will happen to the meta as more people get a clear idea of how to deal with the new items and layout. unlike some people, i do like the new jungle and the new buff "zones". in the old treeline, maybe its where i was at, but not many people i played with really used the top jungle much and the bottom jungle was pretty much this weird maze anyway and it just seemed silly for what amounted to a contested lizard buff.

now with the streamlined jungle and the buff "zones" there more reason to actually jungle and do stuff in there than just gank the other team like everybody did. i mean, theres still plenty of that, but now theres real incentive to do it (jungle monsters i mean).

anyways, long story short is im having fun despite the crappy lag and DCing that needs to be fixed and im probably now gonna play this more than 5s.