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My thoughts

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I don't post on the forums very often, but I feel like giving constructive feedback on the new map is important, so I'll try to give as articulate an opinion as I can.

First the things I liked:

Art: Needless to say, a graphical update from the old TT was a welcome change, As a 3D artist myself, I love the detail on the new foliage and monsters, especially vilemaw and his lair, which are positively gorgeous. The web pattern on the team base steps is also a nice touch, as it goes with the spider theme you chose, though it does contribute to the theme flaw, which is explained later in this post

Items: One of the larger problems the old TT had was its strong preference for bruisers, fighters and other tanky DPS, while carries and particularly mages simply couldn't get the gold necessary to pick up the speed they needed until too late. Though the problem still isn't quite gone, the new items definitely help close the gap and are a major plus. Kudos, though some of the mage items might work a little too well depending on the champ.

Layout: The old TT deffinitely stood up to its namesake. The routes in the jungle were so twisty and long that it would take far longer to reach someplace than necessary, and with the constant team fights each game that was not a good thing. The new layout is much more streamlined and navigable, and giving vilemaw some specific entrances gives it a more baron-fighting strategy, which I consider an improvement

Now for the things I didn't like:

Altars and Speed Shrine: I'm sure you've seen this one a lot. Capture points, though fun in dominion, as they're the point of the game, bring everything to a standstill here. More times than not were spent around the altars than in lanes or the jungle, and generally made the pace of the game feel much slower, even if the actual time that passed was pretty small. They simply tip the balance to the point where its impossible to ignore them, as opposed to an optional boon that can be gotten at the right time like monsters.
If I wanted to capture points, I'd play dominion. Likewise, the speed shrine is just superfluous. the distance in the middle of the jungle is not that big an area to cross, and a speed shrine is just a redundancy. Neither of these things have a place in a "classic" game mode.

Theme: As I mentioned above, the spider theme you folks went for is pretty cool...but I can't help but feel it misses the point. For a twisted treeline, the new map has a pretty distinct lack of trees. The best we have are a lot of dead logs, but even these aren't prominent enough to make you notice them. Also, I understand that you're excited for a new shadow isles champion, as am I. (Elise looks great and I look forward to playing her,) but I feel like you let her design sway the design of the map too much. This new map is on the shadow isles, a place where death, doom and metal are the main motifs, not just spiders. Vilemaw fills that quota wonderfully, and I don't think we need more than that. After all, Maokai had a lot of roots (no pun intended) in the old TT, but you never felt like it was HIS map. This new map just feels like Elise's. I'd recommend making the shadow isles part more prominent than just Elise's contribution.

That's all for right now, but if I think of some other ideas or nitpicks, I'll add them here. Thanks for reading.

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My thoughts....The new TT sucks DONKEY DICK, end of story.