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Respawn Times

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First of all, I really like the new TT map, if only for how much shorter a match takes to complete. That was my biggest and only gripe with the previous map.

However I'm finding when my team is fighting at objectives and acing the other team, we have next to no time at all to push before the enemy team has respawned at full health to stop our attempts.

I'm all for fair play, and no one likes waiting a long time after dying, but I feel the quick respawns are almost counter intuitive to the objective-clash style of the map.

A team fight victory, especially an ace should reward the winning team with at least enough time to push a tower.

Maybe it's just my perception. So far, I have been in very one-sided winning matches, and they have ended before the 20 minute mark. I feel it might feel different in tighter matchups. just wanted to hear other people's thoughts.