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New jungle specifically

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Okkkk, so I'll just get this out of the way real quick, SUPER DISAPPOINTED.

Now then, I started jungling twisted treeline just like, three days ago... I was jungling warwick and nunu, and both jungled very well on the old TT, but it was nice because early game you felt like a jungler in SR, you had to go the right path, it wasn't ez mode and it was rewarding when you jungled well.. I played this jungle and it was so stupidly weak that I didn't even need smite.. I cleared the 3 camps you get and I was like, soooo, is where's the buff camps? oh wait, there aren't any.... What is the point of the jungle now in TT? Just to get spider? No, because the spider is off by itself and they'd see you going for it anyway, so obviously you that isn't much of a ninja objective now...

Sorry I'm just kind of ranting.. my main points are that they were trying to make it so you could jungle 3s better, but what they did in my opinion is remove all the major reasons that people do jungle.. they took out wards so A. The jungler can't maintain map control and B. the enemy team can't counter ward to defend against the jungler. They took out the jungle buffs so that the jungler can't come out of the jungle buffed up for a gank and do a better job of it (I mean I thought the battle for red in the old TT was always fun because a lot of the time it would start a team fight), and finally they made the jungle so puny that it takes all the mystery out of the equation.. you know where the jungle is because the jungle is this tiny plot directly in the middle of the map... he can't be in the top jungle, there's nothing for him there but a spider with a crappy buff that lasts for a minute...

Come to think of it I guess this is just a rant post.. but for real, I feel like they ruined the jungle.. those points you capture don't seem like that big of a deal, I was the only one on either teams bothering with them and having 2 didn't seem like it did anything at all so that's just another lame aspect they added.... if people like this new map that's great, I just wish they didn't completely remove a map that has been here from the beginning, a tried and true map that a lot of people still liked.