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New TT Needs Some Improvement

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I miss my old two jungle bushes near bottom,and you kinda obliterated the jungle. Twisted treeline is more sparse than any map so far, its too easy to capture those buffs and spider.
1. Please add some jungle and maybe just maybe make those buffs a little easier to defend.
2. Yes harder to turtle now, but now once a team has got a slight lead really hard to catch up, almost impossible.
3. the spider is a little wide open
4. I miss wards, that new item is eh.
5.Feels way open and doesn't really feel like a treeline...

Just some feedback I think this can be a new meta, but I'd like both maps to be available or maybe just visually upgrade the old TT?

Why not get rid of lanes, make it all jungle?have some towers and a two minion routes(they change direction every spawn). Idk make it more Treeline I guess.

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It does feel really narrow in scope of game play, There needs to be more to the map.

The spider buff doesn't seem worth the time killing it, and I'm not sure if I'm missing it but I cant tell when someone has the buff other then by clicking on them.

I wish you guys would name this something else and let us keep the old treeline, this hardly has ANY trees in it at all. It's art is great, but it is not a forest.