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Urge to troll...overwhelming...can't stop myself...

But seriously...WHAT is wrong with this OP?

We've taken a poll and the community says: (drum roll please!) Master Yi is fine the way he is, YOU just suck!

Really?! Just come and start a thread while you're a level 10/11 Summoner, demanding the Devs' attention and screaming for some Master Yi revolution? You sir, are a waste of all of these people's time, energy, and quite frankly, you're a bit of an idiot.

Do your homework, read up on champs, and for the sake of Runeterra learn to COUNTER your opponent. AP Yi make you sad? Build MR. Look, now you're happy again!

I'm not going to side with one group or another on whether or not Yi is viable in the current meta, because that was never the ACTUAL point of this thread. I'm just here to point out that this thread is just dumb. Almost as dumb as the nooblet who posted it.

So, before you ask for some nerfs/buffs revolution and DEFINITELY before you call someone else out on their choice of Summoner Spells, etc., maybe you should GO GET BETTER AND STOP WASTING OUR TIME.

Thank you.

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Ruler of Shadows

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How to beat yi
Step 1: Thornmail
Step 2: Rammus
Step 3: Frozen heart

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This is a troll topic, the hell is wrong with you people?

tl;dr You guys are gullible.