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3v3 idea

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summoner somenot

Senior Member


since riot refuses to implement a ranked solo que 3v3, how about this...

why not show normal elo?

I'm just saying there are so many workarounds to the problems you face, yet you don't seem to give a flying frick.

for example when you reset normal wins so they all went to SR, and TT got set back to 0

you could of set up a script that on startup would ask the player which playlist he got the majority of his wins in

and put the wins in the playlist he picked automatically.

but i guess thinking outside the box isn't your strong suit, you have this theory that there is only one way of doing things.

you tell people that you want there feedback, but then ignore it.

TL;DR make normal elo visible, at least how it used to be, where you had to sort through files, if not in game, if you are unwilling to implement a ranked solo que.