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@Riot Feedback on Kha'Zix. Changes he needs.

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As a lover of everything alien and cool, Kha is the best thing that happened to the league in a long time, sadly (more monsters/aliens!
I play him every chance I get and I've come to some conclusions:

As a rather straight forward AD-caster he suffers from itemization, just as the rest of them
But I'll hold my tongue untill the S3 item pass have been revealed completely. The new Black Cleaver is nice and all, and I'll make sure I'll try it out on him, but in general I'll probably be better off with LW for armour penetration.
I'm mostly hoping for some pure AD item; BF sword didn't build into anything that had stats only for AD casters; BC gets you AS, IE gets you crit, and BT gets you lifesteal when you'd rather have spellvamp! D:

Another thing I noticed is his evolutions. I find his evolved leap very hard to not evolve, and taste their fear of course.
I mostly jungle with him and the first thing I evolve is my wings. The increased range is just too good and the refresh on kill/assist makes it even more attractive!

This isn't a problem really though. More of an observation. It seems to me some skills are more attractive to evolve than others, was this intended, or was the idea that you shouldn't have any obvious skills to pick?
As he's an assassin one might think that going for damage first is the proper way to go and go with evolved claws first. But you still have to get into range to use them, and when you gank lanes it might not always you get to fight them isolated with minions there.
I find the wings a much more safer choice as first evolution.

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I agree 100% on the ult. That plan sounds -beautiful-. I would LOVE to be able to use his ult more often: when I played him, it felt so -useless-. Especially since you couldn't cast them on top of each other to extend it into one period of invis to get away from a slaughter. Still, this seems like it would make it much more viable without making it OP.

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Having his passive proc on champions AND jungle creeps but not minions, would help his jungling.
Even if it worked on minions it would give him an easier time last hitting (although his q with its low cd/mana cost is really good for last hitting already).