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1100~ New Streamer Learning How to Play Better

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Trollin Errday

Junior Member


Hey everyone, my name is Trollin Errday. From my name you might think that I'm just another troll who ruins the games of others but here you would be wrong. I'm trying to get better at league and would love for people of the forums to check me out and drop some tips and tricks if possible.
Usually I try to play Jungle or Middle lane as those are the roles I feel most comfortable in. My goal is to become good enough to jump onto a team of fellow minded players who are earnestly trying to become better at the game and would like to scrim. I'm a very competitive person so I do end up raging at times. But who doesn't?
I've been a gamer for a long time, but as for computer games maybe not as far back as some others. Mostly throughout my early pc gaming I enjoyed Counter-Strike from 1.5-source and sometimes I'll play GO. From there I moved to Starcraft 2 and got to high platinum but in the end I didn't enjoy sc2 as much as I do league. Sometimes I might play Dirt2 if I'm frustrated out of my mind with league cause I enjoy racing games as well

-You can find me at ->> http://www.twitch.tv/jindoh
I stream for about 4 hours or so a day so be sure to follow and find out when I stream if you like what you see. As for the music I change it up, mostly like Electronic and old rock like pink floyd, scorpions etc. I'm also down to play with some viewers as well if the opportunity rises. Hope to see you there!