FriendshipFisters stream Champion / Skin Giveaway !

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1 Day Ago

Hey everybody ! Just here to offer a fun little contest I will be doing in order to acquire some more followers on twitch I stream for my own pleasure first & for most but I do enjoy a audience as every other streamer does.

I am going to do a little contest here so hear me out.

First off, What will be on the line is a skin / champion worth up to a max of 1350 RP for first place, Second place a champion / skin worth max 520 RP.

All you need to do is :

1. Follow me on twitch
2. Add me IGN : Cortez420
3. When you follow me make sure to msg me your IGN name in a PM so I know who you are IGN.
4. Wait for 30 new followers to have followed / friend-ed me.
5. The time limit will be 2.5 weeks (make sure everybody has been on my list long enough to gift 2)
6. After 2.5 weeks I Will stream a random draw using everybody's name's & select a 1st & 2nd place.
7. Claim your prize IGN & let me know what champion or skin you would like & you will receive it gifted.

If I didn't gift it to you, You out me on the forums. I am not gonna scam you all & will truly, Truly offer the winner & second place runner up a skin or champion of their choice up to the limits set for those 1st & 2nd place winners.

My twitch channel is :

and I currently sit at 33 followers. So when I reach 63 this contest will be closed & the draw will be made.

If this goes well I might think about doing it again so lets make this a successful give away for the community & follow it up with more

I look forward to anybody who chooses to follow me & appreciate it a lot. Thanks so much in advance to anybody who takes place in this contest ! IF 30 followers are not reached by 2.5 weeks the contest will extend, But I am sure with around $10 worth of RP on the line for first & around $4 worth of RP on the line for second people should want to take part in this

See you all IGN, Remember dont forget to PM me on twitch when you follow me your IGN name so when you add me in game, I know who you are & can make sure everybody who enters gets entered into the draw fairly.