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Can someone explain Magic Resist?

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This is how magic resist works.

You're a caster and you get fed, you buy 20,000 gold worth of items. Everyone on the enemy team buys a Banshee's Veil. You're worthless. Your team loses.

It's kinda like armor except for the worthless and you lose parts.

Magic Resist is EXTREMELY effective against fed casters in a way that armor vs fed DPS cannot even hope to match. Mostly because of Banshee's Veil, but to an extent because of the nature of caster damage being more bursty than continuous. If you don't kill in one combo, your opponent gets away. Casters are gimped by CD while DPS can just fire more auto attacks.

Oh, but DPS, while significantly better than casters, is also too squishy to survive when four people on the enemy team are "tanky" DPS.

Point being, it's just one cause of the severely screwed-up metagame right now. Mord, Garen, Rammus, Alistar, Olaf, you've been seeing them a lot, haven't you. It's because tanks or offtanks are how you win games right now. And it sucks.

Magic Resist is nerfed. It's way too good. Don't give me garbage about how it's difficult to build on a tank, it's not. Guardian Angel, Force of Nature, Banshee's Veil, these are all great tank items. And HP will make the MR that much more effective. OH, and many tanks have a "shield" ability that will absolutely wreck a nuke combo, while only making DPS hurt less for a few seconds. (If Veigar's Combo hits Rammus during DBC, he's totally worthless for nuke for the next 50 seconds or so. Ashe can continue autoattacking at no cost save lost time as soon as the shield is down.)

Turrets Deal % Damage Per Hit.
This has been long overdue. Turrets are absolutely worthless lategame, and while it's true they should slowly become less effective, in the current metagame they are pretty much nonentities by 20:00. I've seen a team dived from the second mid turret (by a team that was all tanks but Sona) all the way to the nexus turrets... and aced. At 15:00. Tank/Heal Stacking is NOT fun for anybody.

Tank Items Become Less Tanky, OR all Tanks Receive less HP/Lvl
Tanks need a nerf. They are too overused and too prevalent. It's messing up class distribution, we used to see:
1 tank
1 support
1 mage/nuker
2 physical DPS

Now, we usually see:
3 tanks (with one going AP)
1 support
1 physical dps

This is a symptom of a sick metagame.

So to sum up the answer to your question, there IS no solution to your problem in the current game. You can take Arcane Knowledge for 15% MRPen, Buy a Void Staff for 40% MRPen, then take full Pen runes and quints for another 18ish pen, ADDING sorc boots to that, and moderate magic resist will still negate your ability to be of more than average use.

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Math is off.

If Amumu stacks 100 MR in addition to his current stat of 100/(100+100)
it would be (100+100)/(100+100+100) or 200/300 = 66%

Post you quoted was talking about how much damage he would take (1/3 of the original)
you're talking about how much was reduced (2/3)