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LF Active 3's Team for Gold

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Hi I'm Hope =D and i'm looking for a solid team to play TT to Gold elo because I will die IRL if I don't get that Janna skin lol. I am 1356 in solo queue and I have been playing TT normals and ranked games for the past month or so trying to get Gold elo and had almost given up until I saw that the deadline was pushed back to Nov. 6th. I was super excited to see that I had more time to reach Gold but the team I'm running with my friends doesn't get to play often because they are both very busy, and get frustrated when we lose. I'm looking for another team to play with the rest of the time. I would definitely appreciate the help of higher elo players in reaching this goal but I will play with any competent, TT experienced player who knows they can get Gold and also has a lot of free time to beat their heads against the elo wall. However, 1300+ players would be appreciated. You also must have Skype and a mic, as there is no way to coordinate quick enough through typing in ranked matches. We can talk schedules and stuff at some point, but in general I would like to play every day if possible.

Now onto the more specific stuff. I personally prefer to play the AD in the comp because I am most comfortable in TT on a bruiser of some sort. My current best TT champ is Wukong and I would like to include him in our comp unless he is picked/banned out. If I really need to I can play other roles but this is definitely my favorite and most comfortable position.

For comps I would really like to play a strong AOE based comp as it works well with Wukong. Me and my friends are currently running Wukong, Rumble, Malphite and Wukong, Vlad, Jayce/Lee Sin because both comps have a very strong AOE presence as well as mobility and CC. We can talk about comps as a team, but from what I have experienced, as well as what I have read in most gold/plat AMA's, AOE comps make for an easy Gold team.

Lastly here is a list of champs I can play well on TT:
Riven (preferably not)

Leave a response here if you are interested in helping/joining me on a trip to Gold =D

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Hey! Pst me in game, I'm looking for another person for my 3's team so we can hit gold, too! I'm gonna die if I don't get the skin, you're gonna die if you don't get the skin... XD Message KBazarek whenever you get a minute.

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add me in game.. both of you.. we can play.. I'm really great on 3's know a lot about it.. just need competent players who don't mind taking some advice if I got some good ones..

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If any of you are looking for a decent player capable of hitting gold/plat add me on Graffitiqt, I play an extremely volatile kat/akali/singed/rengar, assassin type char. I believe I can help you achieve gold/plat.

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I play GP, Irelia, Ryze, and Riven in 3 v 3

I can also play Teemo, Rengar, Shyvana, Morde, or Panth.

GP, Ryze, Teemo, and Morde are my preferred champs.

Jenkin Rei in my ign. Currently my 3 v 3 team is Win Everything (except that we intentionally try to throw the match for irony's sake) Btw, we're still silver without trying. So I would like a team that actually wants to go for gold.