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Clever Girl: Jungling as Akali

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A Butt

Junior Member


Thanks a bunch for updating the guide! I gave the spellvamp quints a shot, and boy, do they ever help!
I'm a little nervous to build Akali as a true glass cannon, because I'm not that great and have more success with a little durability (sometimes I even play her effectively as an offtank, making her playstyle somewhat similar to Irelia's). I guess my build should probably vary with both team comps. Anyhow, just wanted to sent my thanks to Mont for such a solid guide!

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Senior Member


I've gotta say, I was pleasantly surprised by this. Her initial clear is pretty decent and safe, and she can really clear camps quickly and gank extremely well. Only downside is that you'll struggle if you fall behind, since you really need to have gold to be effective as Akali.