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Kayle, the Judicator

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So I usually create my own builds and not really follow guides too much to the T but i recently read through a lot of peoples feedback and kind of created my own style and felt i should post it somewhere to give people another build option. Granted my build isn't going to net you 20+ kills, hell even 15+ but you will be an assist monster and hard as hell to bring down. So here it is:

1. Mana Crystal +2hp pots (You can go mana talisman if you want to spam reckoning more but i try to conserve my mana until sheen at about lvl 3-4 and plus if you lane with Soraka mana is no issue)

2. Create Sheen (this does proc with your ult ranged ability and creates massive dmg early and late game).

3. Warmogs / berserk grieves (Here is where you need to determine if speed is an issue, I personally pick up level 1 boots in the mix and combined with Divine Blessing speed isn't and issue but for the most part i try to get warmogs asap)

4. Phrozen Mallet (At this point I usually have around 4k-4.1k hp and 128 atk dmg)

5. Atmas (Most of the time the game doesn't make it this far but when it does i end up with 4.2k hp 220 attack dmg, Reckoning combined with mallet they are almost snared into place and you are hitting like a truck) My last game that reached this point I ended with 6-2-21 4,2khp 220atk dmg.

So there it is, if anyone wants to try it out and give me some feedback it will be more than welcome. I am always looking to improve my builds but i have come to like this one and I am still experimenting with more items. If i forgot anything Ill make sure to edit my post.

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As a Judicator player, I see a lot of dubious advice in this topic.

Sheen: Sheen proc increases your next hit by your *base* attack. Judicator's base attack isn't amazing, she depends on her fast attack speed, so Sheen is not too beneficial. I don't think it should proc on melee hits while ultied, but I will test that...

Edit: I tried it. I bought Sheen, hit ulti and attacked Lizard Elder. Sheen procced after I popped ulti, the first hit did 160 damage. After that, every hit consistently did 95 damage. Sheen did not proc at all while I was attacking the Lizard Elder during the duration of the ulti. The conclusion is that Sheen only procs when you activate ulti, not when you do melee swings under the effect of the ulti.

Frozen Mallet: Reckoning is a more than ample substitute for Frozen Mallet.

Tanking items:
Judicator's survivability comes from Intervention, it's a waste to pump health on a character that's already a pain to kill.

Attack speed:
Attack speed is great in my opinion, it scales well and works wonders with Judicator's ulti.

Ability power:
Also very good, scales very well with Reckoning and gives ulti a nice boost.

Cooldown reduction:
I swear by this. My Judicator rune page is set up to have 8% CD reduction at 18 (scaling blue glyphs). With 9% from talents (9/0/21) is 17%. That means that Frozen Heart or (Nashor+Stinger/Codex) will push you to the 40% cap.

What does that mean? Intervention at a 12 second cooldown, which means you don't take damage 1/3 of the time. Reckoning cooldown is also so low that you can keep the slowing debuff on an enemy hero permanently. Ulti comes up every minute.

My typical build:
Meki -> Philo/Chalice
Boots of Swiftness
Frozen Heart or (Spirit Visage + whatever) or (Nashor + Stinger) (situational based on enemy heroes, this is to get 40% CD reduction)
Phantom Dancer

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Hey so here is my idea of the build for Judicator.

My first items:
philosophers stone
Beserker's greaves
Then build up to rod of ages

If u make it that far

I think the combination of the ability power gained from ROA and sheen create massive and quick damage when you pop your ulti

Thats just my opinion.

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I posted something similar a week or so ago in the other Kayle guide, but Cyatomorrow is absolutely right. Cooldown reduction is the way to play Kayle. Health is pointless with a 12 second intervention. Without a doubt your first 3 items should be:

Philosopher's Stone
Berzerker Boots
Frozen Heart

From there, it depends on the team, but additional cooldown reduction from a nashor's or soul shroud is good, as well as a banshee's veil or a phantom dancer, depending on the team.