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Swain, the Master Tactician. Seriously who Named him?

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Senior Member


When I hear "tactician", I think engineer, crapload of CC, map awareness, utility.

His only CC is E... everything else is very Malzahar-like.

You're a moron.
Q and W are both CC.
Malzahar doesn't have a constant AoE Spell Vamp Spell, or a 2 second AoE root or A targeted tethered slow. In fact, two of his skill being DoT's, him having a skill shot and him having an Immobilizer are about it.

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Junior Member


Look at his skills, a DoT, TALONS (Bird) grab ahold of the enemy, Then his ultimate which adds damage to a DoT thats on him which has 3 lesser Ravens and he turns into a Raven.

And his title is "the Master Tactician"?

How about something more fitting to his skills / look?

Swain, the Raven Lord
Swain, the Nevermore (hahaha)
Swain, the Deadening

Yea my suggestions suck, but you get what I mean.

Why was he named this?

lol I'd be happy with Swain the Awesomness, Swain the Creampuff, Swain the Swan or just Swain or maybe Swain Swain.

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Havy whopons gai

Senior Member


but if you change his name then I can't yell TACTICAL GENIOUS everytime I do something cool