Massive latency issue

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This game is now 100% unplayable for me even in a bot/custom game. Iv never had any trouble with LoL until the Quin/Mac patch. From the second minions spawn it goes to attempting to reconnect as everything slides around on my screen. Skills have a good 20-30 second delay on them.

It takes me 40 mins to get the small updates from the launcher for some reason, another 20 to get logged in, and repeated attmpts to get into my account from password screen. Once a game is started up, my high bandwidth graphics machine turns into a slideshow projector.

Iv seen no responce to whats being done about it, and wish i didnt buy a few skins before the patch now, as Im not sure riot even cares to fix issues involved for the new desired Mac audience.

I dont have facebook or any of that social media **** so not sure if they posted anything there.. Is anyone else having these issues, or hear of anything in the works to resolve them; other than, ya we know about it.