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Twisted Treeline map for the casual gamer

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What i like about Twisted Treeline:
1. Faster pace
a. straight to the action
b. quicker games
c. more ganks and team fights sooner
2. Less to learn
a. less champions to learn to play against
b. smaller map
c. different and rewarding meta
d. less items and smaller ones are more rewarding
3. Less players
a. an individual can have a greater impact on overall outcome
b. easier to put a group together

What all this amounts to for me is this map is much better for a casual gamer, and still offers similar strategy's to the popular 5 man map Summoner's Rift i can not only finish a game in less time and get more games in but, i can more easily keep up with the changes in the meta and viable champions because this faster paced map offers a more narrow scope of bruiser type champions having an advantage making easier to master with less time devoted to overall game play.

The new map changes the game style, the dominion style objectives take away from the fighting action and actually add to the snowball effect of an early lead. 2 things i think most players wanted fixed was the Turtle on the old map because the fountain was too close and the Snowball tenancy well they accomplished removing the turtle by adding a wall that was perfect for the map, they also added map specific items "awesome" they changed the map making it center more around the jungle and force fights into the middle "great" but they added dominion "boo". I'm very happy with all the changes but, so upset by the objectives that i don't even want to play this map any more then i want to play dominion. Over all they did very well until they dropped that in.

"would rather punch faces then capture points"

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agree with every point but the new items, because all of them just push push push the tankydps meta.
new madreds is based on current HP, has no AS, so while people with build in AS steroids are happy, people like riven and teemo get shafted. also item removals make is play far far more like dominion

Also, don't hate on grammar, cuz grammar can go kill itself quietly somewhere

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Senior Member


The less players thing only applies to the beta, unless you mean you like 3 vs 3 a lot..