The Everlasting Ice of Freljord

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This is my first time attempting this,so the grammar and some spelling may be a bit off due to I wrote this on skype to a friend before posting it here. I hope you all enjoy.

The harsh bitter winds of Freljord were much more different was much more sinister. Lissandra laughed manically as she loomed over the defeated figures of Ashe and Sejuani and their companions.

The once white snow was now slowly turning black, the land was hers there was nothing to stop her hold Freljord no, all of Valoran in her hands!
Trundle looked among the carnage, having battled the other champions had nearly exhausted the Troll King.

"Now nothing can stop me from taking back the Freljord." Lissandra cackle spinning madly as a woman excited about being carried away by her true love in the blackening blizzard.

However something seemed to be fighting back the corrupted black ice, this ice was of pure white as if it belong to the Freljord itself. "Now to finish off these fools." Lissandra looked at Trundle who understood the order and began making his way to the defeated party. As he made his way closer to Ashe and Sejuani did the ground beneath him begin to shake and crack as if something wanted release.

He cautiously stepped back as the blizzard that seemed to be keeping away Lissandra's black blizzard grew ever more violent and a glacier wall shot up from the ground as if protected all who have fallen before Lissandra, despite having all been enemies they fell to the true enemy of Freljord.

Looking down at the barrier did Anivia with a flap of her majestic wings held herself afloat before coming to perch on the top of the barrier.
She was the true essence of the Freljord, the storm the winds everything, the cryophoenix looked at Lissandra who seemed bitter to see her. "Long have I seen you slowly plotting your take over of the Freljord Ice Witch, however have you forgotten I am the Freljord, its ultimate protector." Anivia's soft and motherly voice did not hide the urge for battle. "Blasted bird, how long have I thought you would've seal yourself into another rebirth cycle." Lissandra swore back at her.

Anivia held out her wings and gazed at the sky as if calling off the tempest of ice and snow. Sadly the bird looked over to what she was protecting, "I am sorry having it let get this far let me heal your wounds." A gentle storm blew over the battered fighters renewing their vigor. Sejuani was the first to rise, "The legends were true, the Cryophoenix would arrive to save the land of Freljord from the Ice Witch."

Lissandra fed up with the Cryophoenix's held out her hand and extended it to the sky using her ice magic to make ice projectiles materialize from the air. She threw her hand down commanding them to strike Anivia. As the ice headed towards Anivia, she took flight disappearing among the snow storm she had created.

Trundle looked above him trying hard to find the Cryophoenix, from the mist of snow did Anivia come down her talons extended. She snatched the troll who was helpless, no matter how hard he bit she would not release him. Anivia made a quick turn picking up speed and hurled him towards Lissandra. Seeing the helpless troll hurdling towards her she encased herself in ice not seeming to care that Trundle collided into it.

The black ice that protected her from Trundle, she smiled evilly, but heard Anvia's highpitched screech as she came down bashing her body against the ice, clawing at it with her talons. As if trying to erase all darkness from Freljord. Lissandra's eyes widened as the ice slowly began to crack. "No!" she shouted as she was freed from he shield like prison. Anivia hovered before her, with a few flaps of her wings did it seemed to rain out hail in the shapes of pointed stakes.

"I will not be bested!" Lissandra growled as she herself threw black ice at the bird. The Ice Witch made her ice dig deep into the ground as she avoided Anivia's projectiles by vanishing underground and reappearing a short distance away. Anivia felt the black ice tear through her feathers, losing slight balance she quickly recovered and looked below her spotting Lissandra.

Anivia zoomed towards Lissandra who was held up in her small throne of black ice. Anivia and her clashed, Lissandra trying her best to repel the cryophoenix and the biting blizzard that followed each time she grew near. Anivia would not falter as she managed to push through Lissandra's ice barrier and snatched up Lissandra in her beak.

They both took the skies, Lissandra the more unwilling one of course. Anivia threw Lissandra into the air, "Freeze Solid!" Anivia commanded as a chunk of ice impaled the Ice Witch. Lissandra felt the bitter cold sear through her like a cold fire, like a thousand daggers stabbing you all at once. "I'm not done!" Anivia threw several white ice missles at Lissandra. As the two began plummeting to the ground. Anivia seemed to hold the limp Lissandra in her talons forcing her into the ground!

The mighty impact left a crater in the ice as Anivia loomed over Lissandra, who seemed unconscious. The cryophoenix lessened her grip on her but as she did, Lissandra's eyes shot open alarming Anivia. The woman gave a twisted laugh as she allowed a series of black ice to impale Anivia! "I have you in my trap Anivia." The bird screech in pain flapping her wings to seperate herself from the witch.

Anivia took the skies trying hard to free herself from the painful black ice. It seemed to be sapping all her power, the black stakes in her body tainting her pure form. Anivia's strength was almost gone she had no strength left as she began making a plummet to the ground.

Anivia crashed into the white snow a cloud of dust arises from where she had crashed. Lissandra stood up, "Get up fool!" she commanded to Trundle who was slowly regaining consciousness. He growled at the insult and looked at when the dust was settling, "Lissandra something isn't right."

The pain that was surging through Anivia was unbearable as if she was suffocating, as if she was dying but with no chance of coming back. He once pure white feathers began to slowly turn black, her white eyes she could feel were now seething with rage.

She clawed and struggled her talons digging into the snow that was slowly turning black as well. In a mass of her own blizzard as if to protect the children of Freljord she took the skies ashamed of what was happening to her. "Hold it together Anivia." she told herself, "There will be no Freljord if you give into this darkness." Holding onto her what remained of her conscious Anivia pondered, "Can I still protect will I only be able to destroy?" She opened her eyes now a blood red, the storm around her still it's pure white as if acknowledging no matter what she was this land's protector. "I only have a little bit of time left!" she thought and with one gust of her wings blew away the blizzard and stood before Lissandra coated in black ice.

Landing on the ground Anivia gazed at Lissandra who seemed to marvel at the corrupted cryophoenix. "What a nice change for you birdie." she giggled. Anivia did not seemed fazed. Ashe and the others looked horrified at Anivia's new regal yet terrifying form. "I am the Freljord!" Anivia shouted, "I am the storm! I am the wind! I am the very heart of this beautiful land!" She turned her attention again at Lissandra, "This form will be one of many I take if it means I shall destroy you."

"Quite sure of yourself." Lissandra growled doing a small spin and black ice crawled from the ground towards Anivia who dodged it by taking flight, "Guide me Freljord !" she screeched as she herself send spikes of black ice from the ground to Lissandra. The witch could not escape this time as Anivia folded her wings as the ice began to encase Lissandra. Flying down at high speeds. "I sacrifice myself hoping to give the children of Freljord a brighter future." A tear seemed to trickle down her beak as she collided into Lissandra shattering into a million pieces.

The ice that was once Anivia seemed to quickly form a prison around Lissandra, "Get me out of here!" she demanded at Trundle who just watched her get encased in her new prision. "Sorry lady you're on your own."

Lissandra stood encased in a light blue crystal prison, frozen for now, the barrier that Ashe and company had stood behind melted away. The black storm died away as Lissandra ushered her final curses at Sejuani and Ashe.

"She...she's gone..."Volibear hung his head in dismay. Olaf held down his head as if in mourning.

Ashe who could not bear losing the Cryophoenix collasped in a heap of tears that her husband Tryndamere had to support her, even Sejuani wasn't spared from the sadness.The storm that came with Anivia had ceased the sky was still yet clear, for once the sun could be seen, it's gentle warmth trying to ease the pain they all felt.

Trundle lurched near Lissandra's prison noticing a small crystal looking object, it was rather pretty he thought but being near it soothed him.

All the black ice was slowly slipping back into Lissandra's prison and the oval object near Trundle seemed to radiate energy. Trundle notice icicles popping out from its sides as if something wanted release.

With a bright flash of light the crystal egg that housed Anivia shattered and she flew into the sky giving her first cry of her new life! Her glorious pure snow white form beheld a majestic figure as she shadowed the sun!

She would perch on a glacier not far from Ashe and the others. "Children of Freljord. I have watched for eons as your tribes fought for control of this land. I cannot come between that, I can only step in when something threatens the very Freljord but I hope one day you can stand united like it once was so many years ago." she spoke this in her motherly tone. "Freljord has changed, the threat may be gone for now, but someday it will return and I will be here to protect your successors from this threat."

She would take flight as she ushered her final words, "Forever and always will I love the Children of the Freljord." The skies would gray and the snow began to fall as Anivia flapped her wings, bringing down a gentle flurry of snow as she flew back to her home in the mountains.

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