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hmmm who to buy next? Your suggestions?

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I am currently having about 4000 ip ,and i ussually play mid or support bot, because i like it and i bought magic penetration and ap runes... For mid i use kassadin,gragas,morgana,lux,veigar,fizz ... ( I have almost all mid champions) , and i have all supports except sona... So i am in dilemma who to buy next, i kind of like next champions: Orianna/Cassiopea/Syndra/Katarina ... I don't have them and i like them all, so who do you think would be best for my playstyle ( i like to poke my opponents from far distance and avoid being hit,but be able to deal tons of damage, also in team fights i like staying behind and letting enemies to focus our tank so we can finish them off) i think that Orianna is great choice so can anybody tell me something more about her, is she worth buying, and if possible compare her to other 3 champs i mentioned...

-Sorry for bad english -