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Your elo system is retarded.

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Dear Riot,
I believe that your elo system is flawed and ridiculous. The best proof I have is my newest account I have made. I swear that every teammate is terrible, every game. But, you need to have some solution to get out of elo hell, and yet you don't. I know I might get flagged for this, but look at my ****** Dynamite account and watch the replays plz. I have dominated every game, but due to teammates we lose. I think that your system is flawed, and that it should be based off of a more detailed algorithm. Such as, KDA, CS, and map awareness. I believe that if you go 15/4/10 as top, you should not go down as much as the terrible kat who called mid and went 0/10/5. Please take the next step riot. Please grow up.

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Well, I'm not a pro, only having reached level 28. However as an aspiring game designer, I try to understand the mechanics of a game. It seems to me that ELO is the most simplistic, and efficient system they can use right now. You win the game? More ELO. You lose the game? Less ELO. Not sure if that is the exact mechanic right now, but that is about as simple as it gets. Having to track every kill, death, assist, and cs would be a much more complex concept. It would take a lot more work to figure out, and along with that, while it might be fair to say, the Ahri who owned mid hard, or the Tryndamere who truly does go 0/30/1, it is unfair to the supports and occasional off tank that are meant to be selfless.

A supports role is to go 0/0/as much as possible with next to no creep. This means if they go 0/1/12, they will most likely have a lose of ELO, while the carry who went 6/3/4 will possibly gain some ELO, even with a lost game.

While the current system may not be ideal, I don't think your solution is overly viable. Riot has published one game, and only one. League of legends. And that means the entirety of their company is devoted to this game. I believe that if there is a way to improve the game for everyone, riot will try to pursue it, as it will only benefit them. However, the major problem here is finding a mechanic function that will benefit everyone.

That's just my two cents, but I hope that helps in some way.