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Some of the champions Skins Idea.

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Hello fellow LoL-ians, today I'll just be giving some skins idea. Enjoy.

1: Soraka.

- I was checking Soraka the other day and she has only TWO skins. >_> IMO, she needs new skins because the dryad is just, I don't even.

So, what I came up with Soraka is a "human form Soraka" ( Yes, I know the classic skins looks like human but it's half human/half uni-horse. ) Here's a photo what I have in mind.
http://www.allfreeportal.com/imghost/images/523147DRYAD.jpg I know the photo looks like a dryad but It's just a hint how it would like as human.

She could have long blonde hair , a dress (White or green) , something similar to picture or give her something like that elve from Lord of the Rings called Galadriel. For those whom don't know who's Galadriel is, google her. She looks like a human formed Soraka, in my opinion.

2. Sona. ( Songstress of the sea - Siren like )

Sona is mute and plays music why not turns her into siren-like ?
Image examples.
- http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/4000000/Yuehui-Tang-fantasy-art-4033100-420-575.jpg

She doesn't have to lose her music instruments. All of the details I wanted are in those pictures.

3. Last but not least...Possessed Ashe/Dark Ashe. She could have a long black hair, middle ages outfit in black or silver or mixed. ( Could be a gown or her regular ashe outfit ) Something like this. http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4egvgaQGf0g/SbkAQAL6FwI/AAAAAAAABnQ/m6TeRUDrJnU/s320/Gothic+Siren.jpg

Thank you for your time reading my suggestions. Any comments / opinions are welcome! Cheers to Riot.