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[Champion Concept] Tyrian, the Herald of Peace

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Lore: Tyrian remembered very little of himself, except that he came from a distant future, where Runeterra finally succumbed to the eternal strife between the various states. The League, bloated by greed and infighting, failed to mediate the antagonism among the various players, and in a final showdown, became the very source of destruction that it had sought to stop.

Flashes of a the landscape - wastelands, deserts, and lifeless water - occasionally darts across Tyrian's mind, and though he could not recall the path through which he traveled back into the past, Tyrian was sure of one thing: his mission. He will prevent the apocalyptic future from taking place and halt the destruction in its path. He knew neither Valoran, nor Noxus would listen to him, a battered man whose farfetched tale would surely garner him a round of derision and laughter from the local pubs.

Yet he knows the one place that would accept even the most laughable of tales should they have the strength to back it up: the League of Legends. Tales of their corruption and eventual fall are well-known to him, yet he knows the only chance to change the future would be to initiate the change from within. He shall stand out from the other champions and become a beacon of peace for others.

Tyrian is a pure support character that relies on heals, debuffs, and zone control to protect his carry. His defining feature is his passive - Swords to Ploughshare - that allows him to heal his allies with auto-attack at the cost of not being able to attack enemies. Despite this, Tyrian has a host of skills to punish enemy targets for chasing too closely and aids in the chasing or escape from others.

Tyrian uses a scepter of sort, launching bolts of holy energy when attacking at range. I imagine him as a sort of Paladin, dressed similar to Garen, albeit more regal looking.

Swords to Ploughshare (Innate) – Tyrian cannot attack enemy units. He may attack friendly units to heal them for an amount equal to 20/35/50% of his AD.

Repentance (Active) – Tyrian strikes at his target’s mind with images of regrets, reducing their movement speed by 10% and AD by 4/6/8/10/12 for 6 seconds, stack up to 5 times. (3 seconds CD)

Disarm (Active) – Tyrian disarms target champion, removing their ability to auto-attack for 1.4/1.8/2.2/2.6/3 seconds. Casting Disarm on a target with Repentance also silences the target for 1 second and an additional .1/.2/.3/.4/.5 second for every stack of Repentance beyond the first. (8 seconds CD)

Harmonic Beacon (Active) – Tyrian marks target ally as a beacon of radiant energy for 5 seconds. For the duration, heal effects on the target heals for an additional 20%, and nearby allies are also healed for 20/35/50/65/80% of the heal’s efficacy. In addition, target ally gains magical strength and deals additional damage equal to 20/30/40/50/60% of his AD when he auto-attacks. (12 seconds CD)

Justifying Means (Ultimate) (Toggle) – Tyrian sheds his attempt at peaceful discourse, gaining 20/35/50% attack speed and the ability to attack enemies. His basic spells also gain additional effect. Repentance deals an additional 100/200/300 damage to target enemy. Disarm grants Tyrian additional AD equal to 10/20/30% of the target’s AD for 4 seconds. Harmonic Beacon also causes enemies around the target to take an additional 6/12/18% damage from all attacks. Tyrian cannot heal allies while Justifying Means is in effect, and the cost to maintain Justifying Means increases every second. (15 seconds CD)

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Edit some skills and numbers.

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A few notes:
Having a champ that scales off AD but cannot attack is annoying. You basically relegated him to ONLY bot lane support. He cannot top, jungle or support really. I would look at changing the ally attack type ability as you have to be within melee range to support how will you support you tank or bruiser? You can't attack save for every 70 seconds so there is no incentive to be in the fight.

A 90 AD damage reduction is huge especially at level 13, which if I remember correctly is your first max level. This is almost double janna's shield AD buff and longer duration. I would look at revising the numbers on repentance, make it more an annoyance than crippling (especially with the move speed at -50%)

Why not turn disarm into a blind? The way it is now it is solely for ranged carries. If you had 5 stacks on a target you would only have 1 second of down time for the CD, so 6 seconds of a ADC being useless in a team fight basically means you win.

Harmonic Well is cool with his passive but the passive doesn't synergize well with the idea of a static area especially in a mobile fight.

With the comments on the other abilities you may have to adjust the ult as well. Take a look at the numbers and think about the damage. If I ult, harmonic then into repentance I gain basically 70% damage on the target while in the well, which is a little overpowered.

I think it has some potential but I'd take a look at the role you would like him to fill. The damage numbers and the kind of combo's you would typically see with his abilities.

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Great concept, interesting lore (always a good start in my opinion) and love the idea of a heal/CC focused champion. Just a few things need to be looked out as far as I can tell.

Already been said but scaling off AD without ability to deal damage is annoying sense most AD items grant other things helpful to carries such as life steal.

Not being able to farm at all (without activating Ult) would make gold per second a necessary thing to build on him not sure if that was intended just pointing it out. Similar note nearly all snowballing items (Bloodthirster, Warmogs, Ect) would be nearly impossible to stack.

Passive: brilliant idea but i would make it ranged personally allows safer support of bruiser characters

Q:What peachy said about covers it lots of lost AD mid game could be considered overpowered, just a numbers problem though. personally think the slow is fine but thats just me

W: Not entirely sure how this would work by shortening attack range would it reduce ability range (in which case it would be better as a silence) or just attack range which would be nearly worthless against say Garren. Quick question would using this consume the redemption stacks?

E: Great in a team fight (if I'm understanding it correctly) but again nor entirely sure how it would work, maybe needs some clarification

Ult: Sounds good great for amplifying other abilities just don't know about numbers. This is the one place where scaling of AD works cause it means that middle of a team fight he could become a sudo-carry and turn the tide of the battle, but if that was intended then it should also grant either a bonus to AS or AD to help grant more damage potential. This would cause the bonus to his healing to be reduced for balance reasons though. Up to you

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Thanks for the feedback.

I've changed quite a bit of the skills.

The AD reduction on Repentance has been reduced but kept the speed debuff. Considering it takes 5 casts (which would be ~10 seconds in a real fight) to reach full stack, I don't think 60 AD in addition to 50% move speed reduction is too bad. (Considering Trynd's poultry shout...)

I changed Disarm's effect to basically a Blind. I removed the cooldown reduction synergy since it'd be hard to balance, but instead also added a Silence component with Repentance to allow it to also disable AP champions.

I made Harmonic Well into Harmonic Beacon so that it's centered onto an ally champion instead.

I made his Ultimate into a Toggle so that he could do what it's meant to do: attack when he needs to.

Feedback welcomed.