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[Champion Concept] Quill, The Author of Destruction

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TL;DR Summary

Name: Quill, the Author of Destruction.
Role: AP Assassin.

I have always liked the idea of fighting with ink and paper because for some reason I love office supplies. After I saw someone else suggest some type of artistically based champion I decided that I should try to run with the idea. I thought about the different roles this champion could fill and ultimately ended up on an AP assassin. She has enough poke to make her laning phase viable, excels at 1v1, has decent clean up potential, and is capable of getting to the back line of carries in team fights. If you enjoy playing AP Assassins, then Quill should fit perfectly into your repertoire.

Passive: Deceptive Strength: Quill deals 10% extra damage to champions who have not damaged her in the past 10 seconds.

Q: Shred: A skill shot that creates 3 projectiles that travel in a cone when it impacts a target and applies a slow to enemies who are struck with all 3 projectiles.

W: Expurgate: (Passive) Grants Crowd Control Reduction (Active) Sends out a wave from Quill that damages enemies based on how close they are to Quill.

E: Permanence: Deals instant magic damage and magic damage over time. The DOT is refreshed if the enemy takes more damage form Quill and after 8 seconds of DOT they are snared. The Cooldown is refreshed upon assists and kills.

R: Transmission (Ultimate): Quill has 4 charges, which can be expended to dash to 4 different champions or to deal additional damage to a single champion based on the amount of unused charges.

Full Champion Information:
Race: Human
Nationality: Ionian
Age: Mid 20's
Occupation: Various Literary careers
Affiliation: Shadow Isles


From her youth Quill Grandise far exceeded her classmates in reading and writing. Having been orphaned at a young age, Quill found solace in the alternate worlds that books had to offer. Before adulthood Quill had read nearly every book that could be found in Ionia from historical documents to spellbooks. She cycled through nearly every career that had its roots in ink and paper from being a town librarian to origami expert to famous author to renown artist, but she soon discovered that reading and writing could only offer her so much. Having always settled for merely reading about the world it came to her attention that she never truly experienced what the world had to offer. It was then that she set out to see the world. She traveled across all of Valoran discovering and documenting. Her thirst for knowledge and discovery finally led her to the single most unknown land in Valoran: the Shadow Isles. Despite the warnings and discouragement from all of her friends and acquaintances, she set sail the only way she could get to the Shadow Isles: alone.

It is said that in her time of duress the one thing in life that she had turned to the most, was the one thing that helped her survive. This time she was not only given solace, but a defense, a weapon, power. When confronted with danger beyond her physical capability, Quill was able to take control of ink and paper. This seemingly trivial ability, when combined with the gathered knowledge she had acquired over the years, was all she needed to not only survive on the Shadow Isles, but thrive. Her magical ability gave her a new experience, a thrilling experience. Whether it was the evil that surrounded her or the fascination with her new ability, Quill became an surprisingly strong force on the Shadow Isles. The woman she once was had been lost and a killer had been created. She developed the most effective ways to weaponize the agent for her magic. Quill joined the League of Legends to sharpen her skills against those who could present a challenge, and kill those who could not.

"Many mistake the medium of Quill's magic as feeble, but those who are deceived by this do not live long enough to regret it." -Evelynn


HP: 405 (+ 80 per level)
HPR/5: 6.95 (+.6 per level)
MP: 220 (+43 per level)
MPR/5: 6.8 (+.6 per level)
Damage: 52 (+3.2 per level)
Attack Speed: .650 (+2.8% per level)
Armor: 14 (+3.5 per level)
Magic Resist: 30 (+1.25 per level)
Move Speed: 320
Range: 125


Passive: Unexpected Strength:
Quill's abilities deal 10% extra damage to enemies who have not dealt damage to her in the last 10 seconds.

This passive is meant to encourage players to pay close attention to the opportunity to focus enemies who are focusing other allies very intensely. It also encourages players to attempt surprise attacks and burst attempts, which I consider to be a fairly crucial idea for AP Assassins.

Q: Shred:
Fires a single skill shot projectile in a chosen direction. Upon impact with an enemy unit (champion or minion) the projectile will split into 3 separate projectiles that travel in a cone. These 3 projectiles will travel through enemy units. Enemies struck with all 3 projectiles are slowed. The initial enemy hit is considered to have been struck with all 3 projectiles.

Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Mana Cost: 40/55/70/85/100
Skill Shot Range: 700
Projectile Speed: 1200
Cone Range: 400
Cone Width: 45°
Damage Per Projectile: 20/35/50/65/80 (+.25 ability power) magic damage
Total Damage: 60/105/150/195/240 (+ .75 ability power) magic damage
Slow %: 25%
Cast Time: Instant

With no reliable escapes or gap closers apart from her long cooldown ultimate, Quill is left nearly defenseless against ganks and is very susceptible to being harassed and zoned out of laning. I felt like giving her a Q that could help her farm from a safer distance in lane and chase more effectively when her ultimate is down was necessary.If you're having trouble visualizing this ability think of a Graves ultimate with Twisted Fate's wild cards for the cone.

W: Expurgate:
Passive: Grants Quill 10/12.5/15/17.5/20 Crowd Control Reduction. (Stacks multiplicatively with Tenacity)
Active: Quill sends out a wave of ink from her location, dealing 50% damage at max range.

Cooldown: 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
Mana Cost: 70
AOE Radius: 200
Damage: 50/70/90/110/130 (+.3 AP)
Cast Time: Instant

I felt like tenacity would make the lack of an escape ability a bit less painful and would also reduce the possibility of getting CC'ed to death in team fights. The active ability is meant to compliment her ultimate which would allow her to jump directly onto enemies.

E: Permanence:
Quill brands and enemy with a toxic ink, dealing magic damage and causes the enemy to take magic damage over the next 4 seconds. An enemy inflicted with Permanence will have the duration refreshed if they take damage from Quill. If the Permanence DOT remains on an enemy for 8 seconds, it will end on it's own, but snare the enemy. Permanence's cooldown is refreshed upon champion kills or assists.

Cooldown: 15//13.5/12/10.5/9 seconds
Mana cost: 80/90/100/110/120
Range: 350
Initial Magic Damage: 60/90/120/150/180 (+.3 AP)
Damage Per Second: 5/9/13/17/21 (+.1 AP)
Cast Time: 0.2 seconds
Snare Duration: 1 second

This is another ability that I thought could couple well with her Ultimate and give her pretty good clean up potential. I liked the Idea of a damage over time effect on her that could slightly compensate for her lack of reliable chasing ability in that enemies may flee thinking they have just made it out alive, but will actually still die to the damage over time.

R: Transmission:
Quill has 4 charges of Transmission before use. Quill can begin her ultimate and consume charges by dashing to an enemy champion, dealing magic damage. Quill can only dash to any given champion once per set of charges, but may dash to separate champions at the cost of one charge per dash. If Quill casts Transmission on the same target twice in one set she will channel, becoming untargetable for up to 2 seconds and dealing magic damage based on how many remaining charges of Transmission she has. This channel will use up all remaining charges of Transmission, no matter how many charges remain. Quill will become targetable and appear next to the enemy once the Channel ends or the champion dies. If Transmission is not cast again within 8 seconds of its previous cast or once all charges of Transmission are used, it will go on cooldown.

Cooldown: 120/100/80
Mana Cost: 150/175/200
Range: 800
Magic Damage on Dash: 100/150/200 (+.4 AP)
Magic Damage on Channel: 80/115/150 (+.3 AP) per charge remaining
Maximum Single Target Damage: 340/495/650 (+1.3 AP)

This ability was meant to give her a bit of chase and good single target assassination ability at the same time. It is her best tool for cleaning up team fights and can also help her bypass front line tanks and bruisers to get to the enemy carries. This is the trademark ability for Quill that really brings her kit together.


I am no artist and am not close friends with any so I can only offer descriptions of what I think her general appearances and other actions would look like.

Slim figure with darker clothing but blond hair. Her face has cute/sweet features, but rarely has positive expressions. She wears boots and pants with a top that does not cover her shoulders or stomach. She carries a medium sized book with her and has a somewhat large quill (feather) on her back. She has a few pouches on a belt that lays across her hips.

Q: Shred
For this move a cluster of papers flies along the path of the skill shot and upon hitting a target the cluster splits into 3 papers that continue to travel in a cone shape.

The best visual and functional comparison for this ability would be Graves' ultimate with Twisted Fate's Q (Wild Cards) as the cone.

W: Expurgate
A smaller black circle quickly forms at Quill's position on cast and rapidly expands to form a large circle on the ground but dissipates soon after.

The closest visual and functional comparison for this would be Malphite's Ground Slam. The damage works in the opposite way of Darius' Q; enemies take more damage for being close instead of further..

E: Permanence
Quill smashes a vial of ink on an enemy

There is no visual that compares to this move, but it's functionality could be compared to Evelynn's E because both have slightly longer range than their auto attacks.

R: Transmission
Quill's dash creates a cyclone of papers that surround her. The cyclone of papers is in a thin cone shape, with the point facing and colliding with the enemy champion. Upon her collision the papers scatter. When she chooses to use her ultimate on the same target again she is lifted from the ground and circles around the target twice, spinning, while many spikes of paper shoot from Quill's position through the target.

The closest visual and functional comparison for this would be Ahri's Ultimate for the dashes, but with longer range, and Fiora's ultimate for the channel.

V/O Lines and Dance:

General Sound
She will have a higher pitched and lighter voice. Possibly a British accent.

Champion Select
"My art will be perfected."

"On to the next scene"

Casting Transmission Channel
"And now for your conclusion."

"My next horror novel will be your match history."
"I'm afraid your story has no happy ending."

"Fear the power of th- ooohhh! Ouch! Oww! Paper cut!"
"What's black and white and red all over? My papers once I'm through with you."

5 or 6 sheets of paper arrange themselves in a spiral staircase shape that she ascends as she twirls. After ascending to the last sheet it lowers her back to the ground.

General Concept:

Really the idea to get across here is a mage who utilizes paper and ink for their abilities. Because of this theme I knew the champion was going to be AP and I preferred for the champion to be a girl. I was not planning on giving the champion a revolutionary skill set or something along those lines. Really the only innovation I wanted to include was the theme. I considered the different options of having the champion be ranged, melee, or more on the tanky side.

For the overall effect I was hoping for, a ranged mage just seemed to favor visual effects that involved small projectiles and thin lines, which I just felt would make the moves look weak. Since a champion who uses a paper theme is going to have preconceived notions of being weak and frail, the visual effects from a ranged mage just wouldn't help to eliminate that preconception.

I wanted the champion's paper using abilities to appear tough and compact, kind of like a strength in numbers effect, so that they would not be dismissed as looking pathetic and flimsy. A tanky character would certainly give the strong and solid effect I wanted to lend to the paper and ink medium, but I really thought of the champion as weaponizing the two, not defending with them.

Finally I ended up settling with a melee assassin. I felt like with this role I could create abilities that would bring out both the paper and ink aspects of her skills AND give them a strong and solid quality. Though I think the kit I created lacks the sense of sturdiness that I wanted the paper abilities to have, it also brings to the table a swift and accurate style. This style can be related to a paper cut, which can certainly bring to mind a sense of pain and damage.

Since Riot doesn't actually use these Concepts to make new characters I don't care as much about the ability set as I do about getting people to support the idea of a paper and ink champion. This idea is unconventional and would certainly be a challenge, but I would love to see a champion with this theme actually be created. I figure if I can show that it can be done and get some support, then maybe Riot will join in on the idea.

1. Date: 10/20/12
-Added total damages to Q and R abilities to make their maximum possible damage output more clear.
-Extended the range for Quill's E ability
-Added tips in the Aesthetics/Appearances section to help people who have trouble understanding how her abilities would look and function.
-Altered the description of Quill's Ultimate to make it easier to understand exactly how it functions.

Thanks to ShieldandCann0n for the ideas behind this edit.


- Increased the cooldown of her Q to 12/11/10/9/8 seconds from 8/7/6/5/4 seconds
- Changed the Tenacity on W to Crowd Control Reduction and reduced it to 10/12.5/15/17.5/20 from 10/15/20/25/30
- Added cast time information to Q,W, and E descriptions.
- Changed the slow on her Q to 25% at all ranks from 10%/15%/20%/25%/30%
- Added new refresh effect on E. I felt like this helped her damage output a little in light of all the nerfs of this edit.
- Added snare effect to E. In light of the nerfs I thought this would keep her well balanced.

Thanks to Nyotaika for inspiring the first 3 changes in this edit and thanks to ShieldandCann0n for inspiring the last 3 changes in this edit.

How You Can Contribute To This Champion Idea
1. Give this thread a Bump or a thumbs up if you like the idea of a paper and ink champion.
2. I need people to review the abilities and make sure the numbers are reasonable and that the abilities are unified and flow well.
3. Any artwork or artistic suggestions for the champion would be EXTREMELY appreciated
4. I could really use more voice over lines (especially for attacking and movement) and would like to have suggestions for better ones as well.
5. Tell me what you think of the idea of a paper and ink champion.
6. Tell me if I've skipped over an important aspect of Character Concepts or if I've left something unclear.
7. Suggestions for a better lore or ability set.
8. Catch my spelling or grammar mistakes.
9. Support the cause!! Create your own super awesome paper and ink champion and post the like here.
10. Give this thread a Bump or a thumbs up if you like the skillset for Quill.

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Senior Member


Very unique I love it.

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Thanks! Just the reaction I was hoping for!

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I think the Q should deal 50/90/130/170/210 damage+(60% of AP), have a speed of 700 units per second, and slow by a constant (25%?) amount for 2 seconds, and have a mana cost with slightly lower scaling.
The damage of her W should have a support ability, like "when the ability is activated, hit targets are afflicted with written fate, giving Quill and allied champions +12.5% damage to afflicted targets.
Finally, her R should add 80% or more of her AP.
It is a very unique character design, and I would enjoy seeing her on the Field of Justice, btw!

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@ ShieldandCann0n
Thank you so much for your feedback!
First off I LOVE the idea you gave for her w. I thought her W was a bit too weak, but didn't know how to make it stronger without giving it just a straight numbers buff.
Her R actually has a 130% AP scaling if the channel is cast on the first person she dashes to. This may be unclear from my description of the ability. I'll be sure to explain that a bit more in my first edit.
Also the Q damage deals 60/105/150/195/240 (+.75) to targets that are close to the point of the cone (hit by all 3 projectiles). Again, I'll be sure to clarify this in my first edit. I like the idea of the 25% slow across the board though.
I may have misunderstood your comment, but I think you were suggesting a numbers buff to the Q and the R, but I feel like these moves may already be a bit OP.
If you could explain your reasoning behind the changes it would help me understand exactly what you mean and I would be very thankful. I appreciate your feedback so much and will be sure to credit you in my edit notes.
Thanks for the appreciation you've shown for my design and for taking the time to help with the concept.

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Senior Member


Passive: I like this ability, it's similar to Talons, but does give insentive to strike them to reduce their damage output...

Q: Interesting, except getting struck by all 3 would be hard. The first person wouldn't be, but thereafter could be hard depending on missle size, I guess. Otherwise it looks good, I think. Is the total damage on the first impact? If so, it might be too much, if you have it on a 4 second CD. Add in CD reduction, it's about 3 seconds to stun someone or so, and high damage...

W: The damage looks good, maybe a little lower, but for AoE, it is fine. What I'm wondering on is, the speed. Is it instant or? The tenacity portion is neat, and as an assassin role, I can see it being useful. But, this champ could reach 65 easily, 75 if done right. Irelia's passive is all about Tenacity alone, and is less 1v1... Higher when in a group though, up to 40%, 10 less than yours.

E: Interesting ability, I think. Like an active Teemo E VS passive, and on all shots. I guess a mix between Teemo E and Tristana E, somewhat. Neat, I like it.

R: Neat gap closer, I think the range might be a bit high though. Zyra's ult cast range is 700 right now, and when placed, is 800 in width... Akali's I think is around 600-700 ish... That tends to be the range people can jump to an opponent, about there... Maybe Katarina's is further. Not sure. It's prolly fine, few champs have a little larger, others shorter range... I think this might be the longest in the game though if implemented. The damage is good, your Q is strong, but W and E are a little mild, and the R finishes with the damage.

I guess my only thing is this champion has the Rengar feel or so, where they burst 2 seconds, and anytihng more just tickles. Except, your burst is 3-4 second CD VS I think a solid 6? Idk. BUt, looks good! This is really interesting champion design. Thank you for sharing!

This is in response to the review for Sui. Hope I didn't miss anything.

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Thanks for the review. I'll be sure to credit you in any changes I make.

I can see what you're saying with the Q and I might nerf the damage a bit, but i'll probably increase the damage elsewhere in her kit as a result of this. Also I'll probably decrease the passive tenacity on the w. Her ult range is the same as Akali's actually so I think I'll keep that.

The things I would like to point out are that after adding up the damage of a full combo of these abilities and adding up abilities from a comparable champion like Kat, her damage is about 300 (+.4 AP) less for a full combo (although this is without the passive 10%). And even further behind when you talk about multiple enemies. She is also limited by mana, which many assassins like Akali and Kat aren't limited by. She also has 0 escape and juking ability apart from the slow on her q and Summoners spells. I gave her high single target damage as a result of these factors. I'm not too familiar with Rengar's cooldowns, but his ult and leap allow him to get in and out easily, while Quill has no escapes and only one gap closer, which has a really long cooldown and is a pretty big decision when you consider using it. And the only damage of hers that has a low cooldown is her Q and her E if she kills with it, which isn't a whole lot of damage really. She really has to stay back and choose when to go in more than Rengar does, because once she's in a fight she pretty much has to stay there.

Now that I discuss these issues I might make a section that goes into more detail about how she would be played and such. Just so people can really see the tradeoffs that come with her damage and tenacity and such. And, of course, if I do this I'll be sure to credit you for the changes.

Thanks again. Feedback is always appreciated.