Top laner[Silver 5]Looking for a serious 5's team

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Pgs Jady

Junior Member


'm not worried about what league you're in or any of that. Only two things matter to me: mindset and ability.

If you're able to take and give criticism and also remain positive all I ask past that is for you to already have a solid grip on game mechanics and knowledge. We can improve as players together but I can't change your personality into one that'll mold with the team.

Please be able to play 25+ a week, I plan to stream/youtube videos/go4lol/various online tournaments/ranked 5s ladder aiming at lcs/ etc

I play league since im a kid , this game save me a lot of time when i had trouble at my school , just to get out of my " Bad life " , I really thing that league is more than a game , it's a passion ! I hope you guys would pick me up in your team ! Im from Quebec,Canada , and I am a decent top laner , thx too you guys.

Favourite champs : Jayce,Zed,Elise