Finally Gold! Playing as Support/Jungle

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Hello fellow summoners I just wanted to take time to brag and talk about my experience on the rift grinding to gold. I started out this season in Bronze 3 I believe. Worked my way up to silver 3 pretty fast. Once I hit silver 2 it seemed like I was stuck in it forever. Finally I made it to silver 1 about a month (month and a half ago). Finally today made it to gold.

Through out this entire process it was EXTREMELY hard to stay motivated to keep playing ranked. From Trolls to AFKs (Blasted smokers missing the first 4-5 mins of a game to smoke), to people who just really didn't know what they were doing. I will admit there was plunty of raging.

Enough of the Elo Hell qq stuff though. Things I have found that helped me as a main Support/Jungler is first off saying it in champ select to let everyone know what I perfer (Which everyone should state when they join games). Second when try to figure out what champs people are picking and find out what blends with their champs very well or counters the enemy team. Another thing that is amazing is vision from wards. As support wards are the most important thing to have and putting them in key positions is vital as well. I have found out the more vision I provide my team the more likely they will pay attention to the mini map and pings. If there is just a ton of fog on the mini map people don't seem to watch it as much. Even as a jungler when I have time to get a ward to help a lane I do so. It also helps for when trying to counter gank. The biggest thing that helps is doing anything and every thing you can to save a teammate. I try to never give up on someone retreating from a fight. Sure sometimes it gets me killed as well but most of the time we will both be saved and it will shift morale.

I have quit many times after big losing streaks and I was almost demoted from Silver 1 a bunch of times but it seemed like after a day or 2 I would bounce back and fall again. Finally my patience paid off. So to everyone doing the grind to the next teir just stick with it.