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"Mordekaiser is not to be trusted, Hecarim!"

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Adding in a fact
during the preview for the shadow isles they had riven do the gave me the chills quote
Maybe she visited the shadow isles during her exile?

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Just saying,
could the Lady be the "good" vesion of someone like Evelynn that has been sealed, making her darker?

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Just saying,
could the Lady be the "good" vesion of someone like Evelynn that has been sealed, making her darker?

no, the two ones on the altar seem to be prisoner of the altar.
The beings from the shadow isles are souls that came back from the dead.

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Arcane Azmadi

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Well, asked Kitae why Eve has no interactions in the Reddit AMA:

"We haven't revealed what Eve's connection to the Shadow Isles is yet so we didn't want to spoil it through the VO. We may add additional VO when we reveal more of her story. We may also add additional VO for any new Shadow Isles champions we release."

Guess that answers that.

And if you believe that Riot are EVER going to "reveal more of her story" then you'll believe the moon is made of cheese and pushed through the sky by a goblin named Humphrey.

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I believe that the Shadow Isle have always been like they are, and serve as a pre-underworld, a place where the restless dead are forced to roam. Some enjoy the power, and seek to share it. (The lord), while others feel imprisoned by it. (The lady). So in a way, their both trapped with in the alter, one just hates it.

Their appearances are warped by the magics that have been collected over the ages, and they grow more powerful as more ghosts and ghouls wander Runeterra, hence the lord wishes to add to their numbers and likes those who willing come to him. However, with more power, more people are trapped to Runeterra, hence the lady. This also explains the Lady to Morde "Are you a prisoner too?"

I will add more if this theory is accepted.

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Morde is possibly a prisoner in his suit of armor. Perhaps this is self inflicted? Did he bind his own soul to the armor in order to "live" forever? Was he responsible for the binding of the spirits to the altars? Is this why the Lady does not trust him? In any regard he is nobility in the realm of the dead. Evidenced by the male ghost who calls him Lord.

Maybe Morde is the "King". - His original name was to be Mordekaiser - The King of Death, after all.
source: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?p=2189837 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=2189837)
He has been scouting valoran gathering information on the armies of rune terra in preparation for an invasion. From his older lore: " ..But there are some who whisper warnings that he is merely a foreshadowing of something terrible and unprecedented yet to come." and, "If Mordekaiser is a general, what nightmarish legion lurks at his command?" also, in game he says, "Desolation is coming."

Hecarim is undoubtedly a general in the armies of the shadow isles. His lore confirms this. His forces seem to be the expeditionary force. "This is merely the beginning. No mortal army can withstand the might of the Shadow Isles."

As far as the lady telling him not to trust Morde... idk. Perhaps he follows Morde's commands, but Morde plans to dispose of him after he has "outlived" his usefulness? Is this what Morde did to the Lady? Does this have something to do with Morde's new lore? Who was the mage and what secrets did he die for? Who was the little girl?

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Could it be that the Lady is the woman from Morde's new lore?

Just throwing it out there.

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So, based on the altar quotes so gracefully provided by MrHarz (thank you!), I can deduce the following:

  • The West Altar Spirit (from here, Lady) has been a resident of the Shadow Isles before the East Altar Spirit (from here, Lord) - making remarks regarding the past a lot more often, she refers to longer periods of history. From this, two possibilities stem - one, is that the Lady lived before the Lord and died earlier; second, is that they both lived in the same time, but the Lord was too preoccupied with -something- to notice the passage of time. Considering the following, we can assume that the second theory is more feasible. "This place was once so... beautiful."
  • Long ago, the Shadow Isles underwent a period of change - an internal conflict of sorts. The seed of dispute was apparently a religious matter - faction X was a cult of Necromancy and all associated things, and faction Y was the current government. Obviously, the Lady was a member of Y, but the Lord was a very zealous supporter (and probably one of the key figures) of X. As we can see, the X have prevailed, which led to the Shadow Isles changing their entire appearance to what we see them as now. "I still remember. Only fragments... but, I remember." "Endless conflict."
  • The Lady and the Lord share a relationship which took place before the conflict. Due to being on the different sides of the barricades, they have been separated, and eventually grew distant from each other; and yet, the Lady still holds her memories of freedom dearly. "Has he forgotten me?"
  • The Lady and the Lord were apparently outstandingly great magicians - during the revolution, the X have taken the Lady captive, and exploited her powers against her will. She remained imprisoned until she passed away, and her soul remains sealed in the West Altar even now. The Lord, however, enjoys his fate, and is eager to continue his service when the time comes. "Mordekaiser... are you also a prisoner?" ""Free me my lord [Mordekaiser] so I may aid you!"
  • From the previous statement, Mordekaiser apparently was also once a supporter of the Y camp, and due to the Lord referring to him as a higher-up, he was probably once a prominent military figure. He did not take any major actions despite being on Valoran for a much longer time than Hecarim. All in all, despite his grim determination in all things, he seems reluctant to support the X, but has his own agenda in mind. "Mordekaiser... are you also a prisoner?"
  • Hecarim too was not always the half-equine armored spectre that we know today. However, the Lady's compassion goes only so far for him - she almost gave up hope on turning him back from his allegiance with the X, and only warns him against cooperating with Mordekaiser. "Remember who you once were, Hecarim!"
  • But what is really ominous, is the presence of a higher power above all of the Shadow Isles and their champions. The King, the former leader of the X, and currently a ruler of the Shadow Isles. Very little hints are given as to what exactly is he, but a few things can be said for certain - he is an excellent strategist, politician, and commander, securing victory for his faction in the Shadow Isles conflict and carefully staging his advance to Valoran. He also is an extremely powerful Necromancer, almost omnipotent over undead beings - as an example, he currently holds a vast majority of the Shadow Isles in lockdown ("Unleash us!&quot, amassing power ("Get to your task, Gravedigger!&quot and releasing their inhabitants only when necessary. Such massive power over their spirits invokes fear even in the strongest of heart - the Lady herself, when summoned, is forced to fake enthusiasm in her service despite her numerous remarks of strong disapproval of the current Shadow Isles.

All in all, these quotes reveal a tragic story of two mages whose fates were separated by the conflict of the Shadow Isles where the current undead King came to power and turned the Isles into a haven of death. Their souls sealed in the altars, they await the day when the Isles' army will be unleashed, and they will walk once more. But their wish is different - the Lady hopes for the defeat of the King's forces, and the Lord is eager to assure their victory.

Hire this man riot! Seriously, it takes talent to deduce so many possible theories for lore from so little given information. Now imagine if he/she could be in an actual part of the planning of lores...

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*Copied from another thread*

Consider this, look at what the altars say to Elise:

East Altar (AKA Lord):
"The spider welcomes you, Elise."
"We thank you for your gifts, Elise."

West Altar (The Lady):
"Your power is not worth the price, Elise."
"Your humanity traded away, and for what?"

Now didnt Elise got her power from a misterious Spider god? And if you look at the quotes from the east altar... doesnt it seem like that altar is in fact an altar for the Spider god? (The gifts would be of course all the sacrifices she brings to the spider)
And if you read at what the altar says to the other champions there is nothing that contradicts this speculation of mine (Except the quote when the altar refers to Morde as his lord, but i will try to explain this further on). Now we know this Spidy thing is a god for the shadow isles and then he would certainly want to, may be, expand his influence? Or to put it in other words, the wants to invade and dominate the whole world?

-Lead our charge Hecarim, and let the living tremble
-The dark requiem will be the last thing they hear
-Slay them, gravedigger! Make them serve us
-Bind their spirits to the Shadow Isles

Ok so now leave aside the Spidy thing, he is just a god... or a demon. But the altars are just that, altars in honor to this and may be another still unkown god. I find it hard to believe that the actual god is prisioner so ill go with the mob here and say that in fact the spirits that live on those altars are... people. But i dont think that they are a lord or a lady that had power in the old days, if you ask me i would go with priests... and now we can explain this: "Free me my lord so I may aid you" (The priest served Morekaiser now and wants to do so in the present)

Ok so the in the east altar we have a priest for the god that gave Elise her power (im leaving aside the spidy thing because, as a god, he probably is or was able to take any form, but even if we want to say: "No he is a spider god because in Elise's lore it clearly says so" that still works fine for my next ponit). In the west Altar then we have a different priest for... the same god? I dont know about this.

Anyway, i think that this two, as it has also been mentioned, probably had a love story back in the old days. The west altar holds the spirit of a female priest, well mannered but who most likely despises the lower class, and then in the East altar we have a male who clearly seems to be more agressive, ambitious and really cocky (this applies to both, as seen by the way they treat Yorick, like if the gravedigger wast just a dog). This man is the kind of person you would expect planning a putsch may be, plotting to start a civil war? And there we have this huge commander that is Morde as the head of the rebels? (Remember the quote were this altar refers to Morde as "My Lord&quot. All this also points to the idea of an evil god, cruel and agressive (then their priests tend to be fanatics and cruel as well), although why there was a civil war... the specific reason doesnt really matter, political riff raff that went out of control probably. Anyway, i leave here space for you to think of the heart breaking fight that came when the female priest, who was loyal to the King, discovered all this, so bad was it that she is still rumbling about it today ("This place was once so... beautiful." - "Has he forgotten me?&quot but that also troubles the priest after all the time that has passed ("Sometimes I-I can almost remember... her face.&quot

Now lets continue with our previous point, it is highly probable that a long time ago there was a civil war on the isles, i think one of the sides was commanded by Morde, on the other side? Well we have our mysterious king (For this i was thinking a lot about Morde's old lore and remebered that in the beggining there was speculation about him being Du Couteau, AKA Kat's father, because he had this "aura" of a powerful knight and lord, that is why i was pointing him as the head of a posible revolution however he might just be a very prominent general).

Another character that seems to have participated on the Civil War is Heca. Hecarim, where was he during this civil war? On which side? Probably on the same side that the priest of the West Altar (that is why she is somewhat kind to him) and opposite to Mordekaiser's... and then the other altar has the priest supporting Morde, and the relationship between the two lovers hits a tragical end...

Aaaaand finally Yorick was just a servant so he didnt really had weight on that war, that is what i think (although im pretty sure that he holds great power but hast this submissive personality, kind of what happens on Pirate of The Caribbean with that stupid guys with the wooden eye, *spoiler alert*...............................we think he is just this useless pirate but he was holding a powerfull piece to summon that godess etc etc.)

So to start closing my really long post, i think that although the isles were always a kinda darky place (the god that the priests ive created worshipped, if we consider that at least the east altar is an altar for the same god Elise got her power from, really seems to point in that direction), during this civil war there is no doubt magic was used indiscriminately and probably one of the sides took it to far (something like what would have happened in Valoran if the League hadn't appeared to stop the Rune wars and the endless conflict between city states), dooming the whole region, transforming the unlucky that survived into this undead monster-like creatures whos only purpose is to extend the domains of the dark god/s that they served during their lifetime (From Evelyn's Lore "... [About the Shadow Isles] the mysterious island located northwest of Valoran that is eternally blanketed by a thick, unnatural fog. It is thought that the Shadow Isles are home to countless forms of undead&quot.

Of course there are exceptions and really strong characters wont be just like zombies blindly following the commands of the god/s:

Mordekaiser: New lore says he's looking for something (may be he wants more power so he can defy the god, or he wants that power to help him accomplish the desires of this creature, or just wants to be free of the curse or whatever else you can think of).

Hecarim: He seems to be... well, blindly following the commands of the god/s (based on the fact that, as some in the forums say, he is "the war", in a reference to the four horsemen, and i will not contradict this because i think its a really nice theory and i support it) but then the west altar talks to him like trying to "wake him up" or something like that (so he is certainly not just a zombie thing).

Elise: She is a" follower of the god" but isnt a zombie at all, she only cares about power and living for ever. Also i dont think she participated on this civil war, if she had already visited the Shadow Isles by the time all this happened she most likely waited to see which was the winning side and only then supported them.

Yorick: He seems to be or to have been a lower class character since the beggining (by how the altars talk to him), probably a servant or something like that.

Evelyn: If you ask me she is nowhere near this god ive been talking about, i think she didnt took part on the civil war and im pretty sure she has completely different objectives than the rest of the shadow isles' characters (that is why there is no reference to her from the altars)

Karthus: This guy is now (in his new lore i mean), just this fanatical guy who wants to kill them all so he can prefectly fit in my cathegory of zombie like creature trying to extend the domains of that deaththirsty god. This doesnt mean he is a brainless zombie, he clearly has his own motives to do so, he does this because he is willing to do, he likes it, in other words, he is doing this because he wants and is able to do so and in the process he helps this god that gave him most of his power

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alright i haven't slept all night, and its 7am right now, but I've read through this whole thread, and found it quite interesting to what everyone had to say. So, I did a little research over the shadow isle heroes lores and the connections between these and the quotes of the two ghosts (lady (X) and lord (Y)).

I will begin by talking about Morde first. In his lore, it states that he is the "first of the undead." Which leads me to believe that he is the master of the Y faction.

-the ghost of the Y faction states "free me my lord so I may aid you," I do not think that when the ghost of the Y faction says "lord" to Morde in this case is not the type of lord you call a person of high status, but rather he is the actual lord of the Y faction

Let me side track a little before I explain further to why I believe this is the case...

If you read further into his (Morde's) lore, they introduce a short tale of a master mage and a female apprentice mage. (remember, the lore also states "even the most courageous souls have surrendered their secrets in his grasp&quot.

The master mage is killed and soul ripped away from his body by Morde, and once this happened, he willingly told Morde his secrets (even though he was telling Morde while alive that he will never tell him the secrets) --> this leads me to believe this is the Y faction ghost... because once turned into a ghost, even the most courageous souls surrender to him... Therefore, even though the master mage was once good, he have turned evil as time passed (yet he is a prisoner just as the X faction ghost...)

The X faction ghost (a woman mage most likely) states "has he forgotten me?" probably referring to the Y faction ghost... once again, go back to Morde's lore, there was an apprentice girl mage and a master mage (the master mage was killed on the spot and the apprentice fled [perhaps Morde let her escape to tell the tale of his existance to the world; if he is truly the menace he is, how could a little apprentice mage escape when her master was so easily killed?] and as soon after the apprentice spread the word of Morde's existance, Morde found her and trapped her soul in a later time (her soul has not been tarnished as long as her master's has, therefore making her less evil and perhaps has more grasp on her life when she was alive) --> which connects to her saying "has he forgotten me"

Therefore, maybe there was never really any factions... but rather the X ghost is slowly turning evil just as the Y ghost has before, and she is having inner conflicts as she states to any shadow isles champions ("fear is confusion, pain is clarity&quot
-"their death is inevitable" --> just as how she and her master were captured, noone can escape Morde
-"our plague spreads" --> how shadow isles has turned from a green land to a deathly ghost land
-"for the king!" --> she is slowly turning evil (evil side speaking--> referring to Morde [if my story seems to fit thus far, then Morde is definitely her king, as he has captured her soul])

I dont really want to go into further detail with everyone else, but I just wanted to share the main plot.
OH, and also I believe the spider god is just an ally to Morde, or maybe this Spider God was the first one to create the lands to become so desolate and created Morde first and all the others were just a chain of events (Karthus, Hec)

-- According to Yorick's lore, he is probably just cursed to dig graves forever for not having an heir to replace him as the wielder of the enchanted shovel (therefore, even after death he must dig graves)
--> making him pretty much neutral, just a lowly gravedigger of the undead world, and just doing Morde's bidding

-- Hecarim seems to have been a Centaur Knight (since he is older than Morde, perhaps the secret magic that the master mage was trying to hide from Morde was a spell to bring out the soul of a long dead being) --> which would make sense, because Morde wants to build an undead army, therefore requiring a general, and he believed Hecarim to have been a legendary warrior/knight in his time --> thus ripping out Hecarim's soul and as the soul continues to be trapped in the cursed land under Morde, turns evil and only knows of pain, therefore like the Y faction ghost (once master mage) Hecarim has lost his grasp on what he was when he was alive and only knows to follow Morde to kill everything in his path (which makes him the perfect general to his undead army) [also refer to what the X faction ghost has to say to Hecarim... "remember what you once were (? i think thats the quote)"]

So with all this... maybe the war isnt a civil war, but perhaps a war between the undead and the living and Morde is just amassing an army on the shadow isles to unleash a great war on the nations... (maybe that is why the Spider god is the boss minion thing on their [smack dab in the middle of the map as if she watches over everything that goes on in the shadow isles map])

I know everything is just all scattered, sorry I didnt have any sleep and Im just going back and forth between this page and League of Legends game page to read off the lore @@ But I hope this will create more ideas to what the story really might be