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[SUGGESTION] Masteries : available talents

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When you first look at the masteries, you don't really know what talents you can purchase, you have etc ....
The only informations about talents are the level of purchase with different colors, but it is really small.

There are 4 states for talents :

- Blocked : can't be purchased ... need X points in mastery tree to be available
- Not purchased : can be purchased ... 0/X points attributed to the talent
- Purchased : can be upgraded ... 1/2 points attributed to the talent
- Fully purchased : max level ... X/X points attributed

At the moment, all talent have the same color at first look.

It could be interesting to differentiate icons depending on the state of the talent.

- Blocked : icon being grey
- Not purchased : icon fully colored ... no border
- Purchased : icon fully colored ... green border
- Fully purchased : icon fully colored ... gold border with a cool effect around it

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Yep, just like World of Warcraft. It's very aesthetically pleasing when presented in that way, as of right now they look awkward.