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New maps ideas

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So guys i was thinking about it and this game needs some new maps or game modes

wouldnt it be awesome to have a 7v7 on a 5 or 4 lane map with more lanes and more players there would be a lot more different options for play style i mean don't get me wrong but i like summoners rift and everything and the fact that there's a bunch of guides on how to play but there aren't many options to explore anymore; like take for example the roles there is one bruiser top one ap carry mid and 2 bot (adc and support). With a 7v7 in 5 or even 4 lanes you can have a lot more flexibility 2 junglers (because there would probably be alot more jungle camps and buffs) or mabe two ap mids.

I'd even want riot to explore into 10 v 10 ALL OUT WAR or even better having 3 or 4 teams although these might seem a bit extreme in the sense it would be more chaotic and that it would last like forever

on the issue of another gamemodes id tell riot to look at warcraft 3 custom maps. Dota is like the current classic game mode but there are a lot of other hero defense games for example a less popular but a good map was d-day judgment and in that map the were AI superminion summoned at every other interval that would be next to invincible and impossible to beat alone and at the end to finish it up there is a super neutral minion (like Barron) summoned in the middle of the map too help speed up the end of the game

and finally a few extra feature that could be added is more on the lines of hiring mercenary units (with limits of course because we don't want armies to form) to act as pets or summons for ur champion mabe 1 to 3 or they could act as boosters for your lane pushing like promotion but it would add buff units to your lane's or lanes minion waves this feature could help in late game where your team cant go on the offensive because all ur inhibitors are down and minions are pushed up from all sides

also on a side note i think personally that the proving grounds is pretty popular as a custom map and should be added in the PVP menu instead of just a custom game. and also have a 1v1 ranked option in that match

I know this is alot but i was wondering if anyone agrees with me here that some of this stuff should be in the game