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Looking for a Team.

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l Quixotic l



Hi, my name is Micah, I'm a finance major, keen observer, and a quick learner. Last season ELO:1430-something. Last season is when I actually started playing. I would consider myself to be a great player, because i revel in making people pay for stupidity and teamwork. I pick up on things so quickly that the 2nd time im ready, and will capitalize on the predictability. I ask for a team or at least a chance to show my skills and my play style. My play style is so new that I'm not going to give it a title thus others might pick up on it and try and utilize the thought process. This may sound narcissistic and self praising, but it's not. I love to learn because that makes me better and makes me more versatile. I'm a nice guy that loves to joke and can have fun. I'm also the guys that during a match can carry casual convos if the situation needs to be lightened in order to make the team composition better. Like I have tried to convey, this isn't a beg, but I'd sure as hell like a chance to get on a team that has much of the same desires, goals, and abilites as myself, preferably better than me, so that I may learn.
In game name: l Quixotic l <---Note: 2 spaces between each lowercase 'L'
Username: micahac
Playing: 1.5years
Top ELO:1400 something Solo only (had no friends to play with that were decent[im finally tried of it :/])

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Kwaday NA



Hey im starting a Team We are H20 so far its just me anmy freind, We are alright but with the skills you say you have we would love just to play with you. Add H20 Blaze my skype is kwaday. hope you add me thanx.

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Senior Member


H20 Blaze I added you aswell. Im proficient in all roles

P.S. Ive been playing since beta

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Senior Member


Wrong forum :P

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Junior Member


i have a friend and we need people to join would u like to join and if any1 wants to join skype name is elithebeast1