Need help jungling.

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League of Champs



Hey guys! I am very interested in becoming a better jungler. I've read plenty of guides on jungling and I do fine in the jungle. I keep up with leveling with top lane and bottom lane, sometimes I level faster than them. Once in a while faster than mid even. I keep my side pretty clear. Where I lack is how to deal with counter jungling and when to gank. I understand to gank when the opponents push past the river and are weakened. Or if there really low on health and are turret hugging. But I get so caught up with leveling, idk when to stop to go gank. I jungle with fiddles mostly. I find him the most fun. Although, every time I jungle with him I get counter jungled. I can jungle with anyone else and they leave me alone for the most part.
I would like someone to add me that mains, or does a lot of jungling to help me with when to gank, and how to deal with counter jungling as fiddles (or anyone).


P.S. At work right now. I wouldn't be on till 6pm. Its 10 am right now.