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I'm sorry, but i have to rage.

My team was up 20-10. i personally was 8-2 as Caitlyn, and our Anivia (Summoner's name Me and Buddy) get's mad because our jungler would not give her blue. I must say, that i said that she's right and that Kha'zix probably should give her blues. Kha'zix then offers to give her the enemy teams blue and she promptly says no, she wants our blue. Kha'z does not give it to her, so, she insists on trolling, walling our own teammates off in teamfights, and causing us to lose the game. Why is this game like this? We definitely did not deserve that loss.

I don't understand how Riot lets someone do this as she says in 'every game'? if she does do it all the time, how is it that she hasn't been banned? I'm not mad at riot, I'm very mad at her, just wondering.