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Onesided lag? or worse?

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The Shrink



So, I'm chilling playing a ranked game as adc. Everything is going smoothly, fun game, we had an upper hand at that point.

All of a sudden, my whole team DCs including me and 2 or 3 of the enemy team and I sit there watching the enemy support (volibear) simply walk up and kill both of us.

This happened once or twice and then cleared up for a minute.

Then we got in a teamfight on bottom and what do ya know..
my team DCs again. But the enemy is moving along just fine.

Is this a case of someone trolling?

or is it actual game lag that is one-sided???

I am currently trying to reconnect and failing once again for the third time. My internet is fine, I am chatting with my bottom support as I type.

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Junior Member


yeah this was rough in a ranked game, should have known better than to play two seconds after a patch. Everyone is so emotional and playing it close to the chest because of the s2 deadline anyway.

Both sides start to repeatedly DC, all players, at 26 minutes . Both sides edge for progress in lanes upon reconnecting before getting cut. Having only small moments of movement opportunity, we were lucky if we could plan where minions were going to be and try to stand as sentries or something.

Able to reconnect after multiple tries just in time to see the other pubstomp baron and lagtroll through our base. at 50 minutes

Symptoms = minor movement due to extreme latency
attempting to reconnect pop up notification
team chat / all chat possible in burts

By the end, a couple players had DC in the expectation the server was crashing and the game would be forgiven, leaving us down players

bump this thread if you want to keep up with others hoping for reset
similar one going here http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2690332