Dodged a Loss

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I love Just joined a normal draft and I'm third on the list
I call adc and the guy above me is like, nope I'm going bot adc
He picks Heimerdinger and informs us that he doesn't give a **** and he just wants to play him in bot lane
I'm thinking oooohkay what ever so I pick taric who is my main
I'd rather like to practice more roles but what ever
then this guy starts trash talking and the game hasn't even started yet
I inform him that I don't appreciate his attitude and dodge the queue after writting down the names of our banner, who picked terrible bans and this guy who picked Heimer

Our banner and our 'adc' show significant loss streaks, terrible builds and low elo ranks like dayum under 100. I'd say I dodged the bullet on that one.

Beautiful thing about is that you can look up stats on team mates while your dead so when they're trash talking you its like... lol your a noob shut it =D